12 Simulation Games Worth Buying From Steam's Simfest Sale

12 Simulation Games Worth Buying From Steam’s Simfest Sale

Steam is organizing a sale of simulation games called “Simfest: Hobby Edition”. The new sale began on March 28 and will run through Monday, April 4 at 1:00 PM EDT.

Simfest has four main game categories: Driving, Management, Building and Multiplayer. Each category has a ton of different games with unique themes, from truck simulators to gas station simulators to model builders. Some discounts are quite modest and are only 10%. However, there are some well-known simulator games — like Euro Truck Simulator 2 – on sale with 75% discount.

With over 400 simulator games highlighted on Steam, we’ve taken a look at what’s on offer and selected 12 that are worth your time and money for the retail price.

Many games on the Simfest sale also have demos – including games not on this short list. If you’d like to try any of these games before purchasing, look for the ‘demo’ tab on the Simfest sales page.

Note that the Simfest sale also promotes games that are not actually for sale, such as PowerWash Simulatoror games that aren’t even available to play yet, like The wandering village