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Adopt Me Fall Weather Update Release Date for 2022

Yes, another weather update has been officially announced by the Adopt Me team, and this time it is the Fall Weather update that brings the Autumn weather into the game. If you are a veteran Adopt Me player, you might remember the Autumn update which was featured in Adopt Me last year. Well, the Fall Weather Update brings the same theme back but with many other additions to the game. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on the Adopt Me Fall Weather update for 2022 and its official release date. Here’s everything you need to know.

In Adopt Me, we have witnessed two weather updates till now- Desert Weather Update and Snow Weather Update. These updates usually stay in the game for a total of 36 hours and return once each month. Well, the Fall Weather Update will be featuring the same but with different content for the Adopt Me players to enjoy. As per the official announcement, the Fall Weather update will bring a huge new building to the game, along with a ton of toys, vehicles, and items including a Corn Grappling Hook, a Fall Tractor, Wheelbarrow Stoller, Knitted Pumpkin Hat, Mushroom Pogo Stick and more that can be accessed via Russel, a cute Badger pet. However, that’s not all as the update also features a bunch of new pets including the Badger pet which can be purchased for 700 bucks and the Golden Wheat Stalk for 199 Robux. So, if you are interested to know when the update will go live in the game, continue reading.


Adopt Me Fall Weather Update Release Date for 2022

Well, the Adopt Me team has officially announced that the Fall Weather Update will be released for Adopt Me on 11th July 2022. The update will be available for 36 hours only but don’t you worry as it will be returning into the game on the 20th of each month. We have seen a similar pattern followed by the previous weather updates, so getting familiar with this new weather update won’t be any issue.

Since Adopt Me is updated each week, it is best that you follow Vabsaga for your weekly dose of Adopt Me news. We hope that you got all the information you needed regarding the Adopt Me Fall Weather update for 2022.


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