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Adopt Me Monkey Fairground Update for 2022: When is it coming out

Who doesn’t like new updates, right? Well, if the game is Adopt Me then it is just icing on the cake. If you have been playing Adopt Me for quite some time, you might know that there was a Monkey Fairground Update that was released in the game back in 2022. Well, history is about to repeat itself as we are speculating a Monkey Fairground Update for 2022 is going to be released in Adopt Me soon. If you are interested to know more details on this, consider reading this article till the end as we will be sharing all the details regarding the same.

New and exciting updates are an integral part of Adopt Me’s main reason for rising in popularity. As the devs release new pets, accessories, and events with new updates, players are often hooked to the game trying to get their desired pet. Adopt Me has a history of featuring updates that are repeated every year like the Lunar New Year Update, Easter Update, etc, but unfortunately, the Monkey Fairground Update didn’t have the same fate. Back in May 2020, the Monkey Fairground was first launched in the game featuring a total of 6 new monkey pets that were obtainable from the Monkey Box. Well, the update ended in June 2020 and it has not returned to the game, since then, but the devs did release a statement suggesting that the Monkey Fairground update will definitely return so, many are expecting that it will be released this year, for sure. Is that even possible? Continue reading to know more.


Adopt Me Monkey Fairground Update for 2022: When is it coming out

Adopt Me is currently live with the Easter Update that brought a total of 3 new pets in the game. The update will be live for about 2 weeks and will end on 28 April 2022. So, there is a high chance that the Monkey Fairground update after the Easter Update runs its course. However, there has been no official announcement made by the devs regarding the release of this update, but we are speculating that its release date will fall towards the end of May 2022.

As of now, we can only wait and hope that Adopt Me devs are working on the Monkey Fairground update and if not, it will be yet another year where players won’t get to experience it. Anyways, if we get official information regarding the update’s release date, we will update this article at the earliest. Until then, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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