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Adopt Me Retired Egg: How to get it

Well, the Adopt Me team has just announced one of the biggest changes to the Adopt Me game. Yes, there is a new egg coming to the game but you will be surprised to know the pets featured in this new egg. In this article, we will be sharing all the details on the Retired Egg in Adopt Me and how to get it. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details. Here’s everything you need to know.

Did you know that Adopt Me will be getting new updates consistently, each week? Yes, the team has confirmed that they will be featuring weekly updates for the game. So, what this means is that Adopt Me will be going through a bunch of new and drastic changes that many won’t be expecting. Well, the devs have already dropped the bomb and announced that a new egg will be coming to the game and it is the Retired Egg. So, what’s so special about this egg? Unlike other new eggs featured in the game, this Retired egg will hatch all the pets that were previously available in the normal eggs including the Pet egg, Royal egg, etc. We know that this is a major change to the game, but we will have to see how this pans out, once the egg is released. More details are shared below.


Adopt Me Retired Egg: How to get it

The Retired Egg is scheduled for an official release two weeks from now, i.e. 21st of July. It has also been mentioned that the Pet Egg, Royal Egg, and Cracked Egg will be hatching new pets starting the 21st of July, the same date the Retired Egg is releasing.

Well, as of now, there is little to no information regarding how to get the Retired Egg in Adopt Me as the devs have not shared any update on the same. However, based on our speculation, the Retired Egg will be available for a direct purchase just like the normal eggs in the game, but we don’t know how much will it cost. Anyways, since the normal eggs are getting new pets, it will be interesting to see what the devs have in store for the players.

So, now you know everything about the Retired Egg in Adopt Me. For more such articles, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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