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Adopt Me Space Whale Pet Worth (Value) & Rarity

With the release of the Space Whale pet, many are interested to get their hands on it. Well, as per the information provided by the devs, the Space Whale pet will be available in the game for a total of 2 weeks after the Spacehome update went live in Adopt Me, so it is most ideal if you get the pet right now. Anyways, if you are planning to obtain this pet through trading, then it is necessary to know the worth of this pet. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on the worth and rarity of the Adopt Me Space Whale pet. Here’s everything you need to know.

Adopt Me has always been a very popular Roblox game that is consistently updated with new content. The recently released SpaceHome update brought a total of 2 new pets in the game, Space Whale and Purple Capricorn. Well, these two pets are available for direct purchase and due to their differences in rarity, both have different worths. If you want to know the worth of the Space Whale pet in the game, continue reading this article till the end.



Adopt Me Space Whale Pet Worth (Value) & Rarity

The Space Whale pet in Adopt Me was released in the game on 30 June 2022 with the Spacehome update and is categorized as an ultra-rare pet. Well, this pet can be purchased for a total of 2499 bucks. However, if you are not interested in spending bucks to buy this pet, you can get it through trading. Currently, the Space Whale pet is equal in worth to that of a Pumpkin Stroller. It also has more value than an Elf Hat and less value than a Cannon Stroller. With that being said, here are some pets that are equal in value to the Space Whale pet-

1) Neon Glyptodon
2) Horse
3) Griffin
4) Neon Wolly Mammoth
5) Neon Dingo
6) Golden Griffin
7) Neon Ginger Cat
8) Neon Clownfish
9) Dragon
10) Neon BullFrog

Well, now you know what the worth and rarity of the Space Whale pet in Adopt Me is. With all the information provided in this article, we hope that you can initiate a fair trade for the Space Whale pet. Anyways, if you need more guides on Adopt Me and information on newly released titles, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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