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Age of Empires 4 200 population cap making players unhappy

Age of Empires is one of the classic real-time war strategy games that every gamer from the ’90s grew up with and loved every bit of it. After several years, Age of Empires 4 has finally been released, with amazing visuals, better optimization, and everything which made the previous games better. Microsoft’s newer game nailed the unit visual style, animation of buildings, and long immersive campaign which makes the history of AOE 4 fascinating. Along with hours of live documentary-style video segments and tons of polished content to enjoy that delivers the immersive experience that can be considered as the greatest real-time strategy games of all time.

However, some players have discovered that unlike Age of Empires 2, the population limit of the game has somewhat been downgraded to 200 per player. Which is bothering players who loved the previous games. Some say the 200 population cap should be for multiplayer, while some are urging Microsoft to release an update to remove the population cap. Find out the rest of the details.

Age of Empires 4

Features of Age of Empires 4

The latest entry of the series brings many exciting changes and battles and features 8 civilizations each possessing its own abilities and traits. Many more will be added in the future expansion of the game. Chinese, Mongols and English civilizations will return and Delhi Sultanate will be introduced for the first time in the series. There are also rumors that Vikings will be added as a civilization with pathfinding that will add more immersion and realism compared to previous games. Naval combat is also making a return in the new Age franchise.

Why is the 200 population gap a big deal for players?

Players who have played the previous games, especially AOE 2 knows how limited it feels when playing a normal campaign. Unlike the latest game, AOE 2 pushed the limits of the game despite being 2D and made on an older engine and felt a lot better than Age of Empires 4. Players could specify units up to 500 in custom matches, which tells how big of a downgrade it is compared to the new AOE game. Battles still include up to 1600 units on the map in AOE 4, with a 200 population cap which is perfectly fine for professional and competitive players. Fans of older games like to play with bigger limits, whether it be AI or against other players.

Will there be an update for fixing the 200 population cap?

With the game recently released, it will be quite a while before Microsoft reveals an update that will remove the 200 population cap. Given how dedicated their fans are to the franchise, Microsoft will probably announce an update after releasing the upcoming expansions of Age of Empires 4.




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