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Age of Empires IV (4) players cannot link Xbox Live Account: Is there any fix yet?

Age of Empires IV just came out for Xbox cloud Gaming and PC yesterday. It has been one of the most awaited installments in franchise, since AOE III that came out about 16 years ago. The Age of Empires IV features four campaigns and eight civilizations, setting focus on the middle ages like that of AOE II. The Beta for the game was out and running from  August 5 to August 16 2021 to let players experience what the game may have to offer. It offered players to participate in classic multiplayer matches along with the single player tutorial mission. The closed beta had only four civilizations – The English, Mongols, Chinese, and the Delhi Sultanate.

Age of Empires IV Xbox live account link error:

Many players gathered to participate in the game’s official launch day on October 28th, 2021. Some players faced issues regarding linking their Xbox live accounts to access the game. This was not an issue that occurred during the beta and could likely have occurred due to the additions for the launch. After inputting their Microsoft account credentials, a message popped up, which stated:

“The account you want to log in with is not intended for this environment. Your application may not be configured properly.”


“Couldn’t link accounts: Error code: C25T05R01X-01 52656C6102B1”

AOE 4 xbox link error
AOE 4 Xbox link error

The AOE4 Subreddit, STEAM, and the AOE forums were all abuzz with this issue. Reinstalling the game, logging out and back in, and checking for updates on the Microsoft Store app all yielded no results. AOE Developers urged numerous people to contact support in the thread. To request a support ticket, you will need to fill out a form on the AOE site.

Developer reply AOE4
Developer reply AOE4
AOE 4 Support ticket
AOE 4 Support ticket form

This however led many players to receive an auto generated message, linking them to a FAQ. Attempts to follow these instructions also yielded no results. After a few more hours, they intimated messages relaying a message that they are looking into it to patch the problem as soon as possible.

AOE4 The FAQ Response
AOE4 The FAQ Response
AOE4 last response from support
AOE4 last response from support

The response above was the last, made by the support team at AOE4. They have acknowledged the issue and are trying to resolve it as soon as possible. It may take a while before it is completely resolved, since the launch took place about a day ago. If you have not tried attempting the FAQ instructions above, you can try to do so. It may help some to resolve the issues that may not particularly be linked with the Xbox account linking issue.

Here are a list of AOE4 Hotkeys if you haven’t checked them out already.


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