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Ark Survival Evolved: How to use the fishing net

In Ark Survival, players must fight for survival against a plethora of prehistoric creatures. But sometimes, even the toughest survivors need to take a break and unwind with a relaxing activity. That’s where fishing comes in. Whether it’s with a fishing rod or fishing nets, fishing in Ark can provide a much-needed respite from the constant danger lurking around every corner. Plus, with the possibility of reeling in rare resources, fishing can also be a valuable addition to any player’s survival strategy. While there are two methods of fishing, using a fishing rod or a fishing net, we will be focusing on the latter. Fishing nets are a great alternative to fishing rods in the game, especially if you do not want to get caught up in the hassle of baits. Not to mention that fishing rods will test your patience more than the fishing net. With that being said, keep reading to know how to use a fishing net in Ark Survival Evolved.

Fishing is an enjoyable and lucrative activity in Ark, which not only provides a source of food but also yields rare resources and high-quality blueprints. The fishing mechanic in Ark involves crafting a fishing rod, equipping it with bait, and casting it into the water, after which you need to wait for a fish to bite. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, as the type of bait used and other factors affect the likelihood of a catch. To increase your chances, you’ll need to adjust your fishing techniques by changing your bait and lure type and using a fishing net, which can be used without sitting down and yields rare resources. With a little patience and some skill, you can master the art of fishing in Ark and reap its rewards.

Ark Survival Evolved: How to use the fishing net


While fishing nets may not yield the high-quality blueprints that a fishing rod can provide, they offer a reliable and efficient way to farm rare resources without the risk of losing them. So if you’re looking for a more efficient way to fish and obtain those valuable resources, consider ditching the fishing rod and investing in some fishing nets. Fishing Net requires a player to have a character level of at least 6 and spend 4 Engram Points and 4 Experience Points to unlock its recipe. They can be crafted in the player’s inventory and to craft the item, the player needs to gather 10 units of thatch, 3 units of stone, 15 units of fiber, and 3 units of hide.

After obtaining the fishing net, simply head out to a fishing spot, the game will highlight the fish in the water, indicating where to aim and cast your fishing net. Using a fishing net is as simple as pressing a button, which by default will be the right trigger on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation, and left mouse click on PC. Once you’ve thrown out the net, the waiting game begins. If you’re lucky and the net successfully catches a fish, reel it in by using the same button you used to cast the net. With enough luck, skill, and patience you will gather enough fish and the resources that come with it! That brings us to the end of this tutorial. We hope it provided you with all the information you needed. And, for more such interesting guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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