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Armored Core 6 (AC6) Fires of Rubicon Unable to Save In-game Progress Issue: Is there any fix yet

Several players of Armored Core 6 have reported encountering a rather frustrating issue. So, this error involves progress not being saved properly when exiting the game, resulting in players losing their in-game progress and having to restart from earlier points. So, if you have been dealing with the same problem, then this is just the article for you. Keep reading until the end to know if there is any fix for this issue.

The issue of progress not being saved properly is a major concern, as it disrupts the gameplay experience and can be frustrating for players who invest significant time into the game. The inappropriate activity detection issue is also puzzling, especially for players who have not engaged in any cheating or modding activities. The underlying causes of these issues are not entirely clear, but they seem to relate to the game’s saving mechanics and anti-cheat measures. Players have experienced losing progress even after reaching certain checkpoints or completing missions. So, how to fix this?

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Armored Core 6 (AC6) Fires of Rubicon Unable to Save In-game Progress Issue: Is there any fix yet


First and foremost, there is no official fix for this issue. Players have sought workarounds to mitigate these issues and continue enjoying the game. While some players have reported success with certain workarounds, it’s important to note that these are not official solutions and might not work for everyone. Therefore, players are encouraged to stay engaged with the game’s official communication channels for updates on fixes and patches from the developers. But until then, you can try some of the workarounds listed below.

Verifying Game Files

Players have attempted to fix the issue by verifying the integrity of the game files through the Steam client. This can be done by right-clicking the game in the Steam library, selecting “Properties,” navigating to the “Local Files” tab, and clicking “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Interestingly, verifying the files once did not solve the issue, but after a couple of tries, most players were prompted to download some additional files, after which the issue was also resolved. Therefore, what we recommend is that you try verifying the files unless you too are prompted to download the missing/corrupted files.

Turning Off Cloud Saving and Backing Up Regularly

Turning off cloud saving in Steam settings and manually backing up game save files regularly has been suggested as a potential solution. Cloud saving might overwrite local saves, and having local backups can help avoid progress loss. You can turn off the cloud-saving feature through the Settings menu in Steam. From the settings menu, head to Cloud > Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Applications That Support It, and make sure it’s unchecked.

Enable Offline Mode

For those facing issues related to Easy Anti Cheat potentially deleting saved data, setting the launch settings to offline mode and declining the data usage agreement has reportedly helped some players. To launch a game in offline mode, right-click the game in your Steam library and select “Properties”. In the General tab, click on “Set Launch Options”. In the text box, type the launch syntax using the game’s path enclosed in quotes, followed by “-offline”. For example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AC6\AC6.exe” -offline. Now, check whether the issue persists.

And that is all the information we have on this matter. We hope this was informative. For more gaming reads like this, make sure to visit VabSaga daily.


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