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Assetto Corsa Best Controller Settings (2022)

This brings up the popular debate of controller vs keyboard and mouse input, which you must have no doubt come across in your gaming community or taken part in. Both input methods have their pros and cons. Controllers have all functions compressed to a few buttons and remembering which to press and what time to press in midgame might pose a challenge. However, they are more portable and most beginners prefer them. Keyboard and mouse on the other hand have lots of keys with the mouse as a supporting accessory, meaning you can bind a specific function to a key without mixing things up.

However, most keyboards are not usually preferred for gaming as they feel bulky and elementary to use. At the end of the day, the input method boils down to two factors; individual gamer preference and which games allow both input methods. Talking about input methods, most fans have been asking if Assetto Corsa can be played using a controller. The answer is yes, and we will even go further to show you the best controller settings for the game in 2022.

Assetto Corsa Best Controller Settings (2022)
Assetto Corsa Best Controller Settings (2022)

Assetto Corsa is a car racing simulation game developed and published by Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games. It is popular for its detailed racing features and mechanisms which we would love to discuss, but let’s focus on the topic.

Assetto Corsa Best Controller Settings (2022)

Before we get into details, it is important to note the preferred gamepad for this is the Xbox controller. The PS controller is good as well, but for reasons bordering on adjustments, the Xbox controller has better FFB and precision for steering inputs. That being said, the entire purpose of this is to give players better control of the game, so feel free to adjust to more comfortable settings. Here are the recommended Assetto Corsa controller settings for the optimal gaming experience.

  • Steer: Left thumb
  • Speed sensitivity: 20
  • Steering Speed: 15
  • Steering gamma: 350
  • Steering filter: 20
  • Deadzone: 0
  • Rumble effects: 100
  • Throttle: Right trigger
  • Brakes: Left trigger
  • Gear shift up: A
  • Gear shift down: X
  • Intensity: 80%.

There are other settings you need to adjust based on camera preference but these have no bearing on your controller optimization. These recommended settings adjustments can either be tried all at once, but it is recommended you ease into them gently by increasing or decreasing certain points as you get better at the game.

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