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Axie Infinity energy not working? here’s how to fix it!

Axie Infinity, a game that borrows many elements from popular games like Pokemon and Tamagotchi like collecting, breeding, raising, and battling cute creatures. Similar to Pokemon, with only one exception that separates it from the herd, that it allows players to earn real money. Something which no other game managed to accomplish and it does so by using Blockchain technology and is digitized as NFT’s. Players get to keep their own assets in the game and convert them into in-game assets that are traded on Binance as ethereum based cryptocurrency. The only requirement you have to play Axie Infinity is that you should have a bare minimum of three axies in your possessions to play this game.

The game does share some of its problems with the recent update that includes random crashes, QR code not working and players unable to join PvP, and lastly, energy not working properly as it did in the previous version and we’re gonna be sharing some of the tweaks and fixes that’ll fix the energy bug.



Given how quickly this game rose to popularity, it also came at a price, with server overloads, game-breaking bugs, crashes, and loading issues. Even people are unable to enter the arena and adventure mode to enjoy the game that ruins the immersion and experience. Noticing the plight of their dedicated players, Axie Infinity announced on Twitter that they’re currently focusing on preparing game updates and fixing game-breaking bugs.


Fortunately, Axie Infinity took quick action and addressed some of the bugs that were ruining the game and fixed some of them. This includes Marketplace, which was not working is back online, and stuck axies have been fixed. So for the most part, major issues of game have been fixed, however, the server issue still needs further improvements.


If you’re experiencing 0/0 energy in Axie Infinity and don’t know what to do, don’t worry, we’ve analyzed the bug and found an optimal solution that’ll get rid of the game-breaking bug. Just follow the necessary steps and you’re good to go.

Axie Infinity energy

  • Log out from the game and exit
  • Sign in to Axie Dashboard/marketplace
  • Generate a new QR code
  • Log into the game with a new QR code

If the energy still shows up as 0/0 don’t worry, just play with one ruin and it should work. If it doesn’t work then your only option is to wait for an official update from Axie Infinity to fix these bugs. Stay tuned for more updates at Digistatement.



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