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Axie Infinity Mavis Hub update guide: How to get latest version

With the age of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens NFT. Several industries including gaming have seen the benefits blockchain technology holds and Axie Infinity is one of the games that have fully made use of Ethereum based technology. Using the same system as the popular game Pokemon, the gameplay is a blend of card-based battle games and turn-based combat. Even each axie possesses unique abilities that hold the greater advantage and is unique in many ways. Players can capture, raise, breed, and battle with different creatures and require at least 3 Axies to play.

Axie Infinity also allows players to convert their in-game assets that are traded in Binance as ethereum based cryptocurrencies. Millions of people around the globe are playing this game and earning money as well. Axie Infinity released a new patch for the game that contains crucial information. If you’re new to this game and have no idea how to update Axie Infinity Mavis Hub, then our latest guide will assist you and help you run the game smoother.

Axie Infinity


Axie infinity recently released the latest patch that brings major changes to gameplay and many challenges for novice to advanced players. Below are some of the features of the newest Axie Infinity mavis hub.

  1. Challenges are back where you’re able to challenge a trainer on your friend’s list for a duel.
  2. Accounts that are under 800 MMR will stop receiving SLP from adventure, arena, or daily quests.
  3. Axies level will reset to one anytime they change owners
  4. Match history for the meantime will not be stored on our servers and can be accessed from the client device with which you played the match
  5. Small update to Ronin block explorer for how some addresses were shown.


The game would be more balanced

In order to prevent unfair advantage and create a fair environment for players to fully enjoy the game. Axie Infinity has brought significant changes to the game that’ll keep the gameplay fresh and will add new features like burning, crafting and dex to balance the economy.

Greater rewards for skilled players

Although this might sound harsh to new players who have just gotten into the game or those who have a weaker team or elderly/disabled. They replied that Axie is a game that needs to reward those who are brightest and proficient in the game with high skill levels.

Axie Infinity


In this article, we’re going to guide you every step of the way to update Axie Infinity to the latest version and do so in a simple manner. Follow the necessary steps mentioned below

  1. Log out of Mavis Hub
  2. Log out Axie Infinity App.
  3. Log out Mavis Hub
  4. Login again and click on update button and let it proceed.

That’s it, the game will be updated to the newest version and you’ll be able to enjoy your game seamlessly.







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