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Battlefield 2042 crashing on Xbox Series X: Is there any fix yet?

One of the well-known and reputed military FPS title Battlefield series launched its latest installment Battlefield 2042 has launched and its fast-paced gameplay, huge open-world maps, and unique arsenal of weapons that you can find in the game. The game was well-received by fans and newcomers alike, however players who own Xbox series X consoles have run into a few snags as the game is riddled with game-breaking bugs, connectivity issues and matchmaking problems and worse, the game keeps crashing on next-gen consoles. Fans are extremely disappointed with the quality control of the game and are requesting for the game to be fixed. EA and Dice have reached out to their fans saying that this is a system-level issue from Microsoft’s side and is affecting other popular titles as well like NBA 2K, Madden, and FIFA. Is there a fix coming for the nex gen Xbox consoles? Read on more to know the full story.

Battlefield 2042

Bugs that make Battlefield 2042 unplayable.

As reported by several players, the game randomly crashes in the middle of the matches and refuses to let the players go to the dashboards. Battlefield 2042 is not the only game that’s experiencing this as several EA games like Madden, NBA2k, and FIFA are crashing randomly in Xbox Series X/S consoles. The consoles are even shutting down on their own when playing these games. Traditional methods like clearing cache, hard resetting, and reinstalling the game on the console aren’t even making any difference. In the official forums of EA, many people have stated their dissatisfaction about the game and demanded a solution.

Is there a fix coming for Xbox Series X?

The devs from EA and Dice have noticed the current state of the game it’s in for the Xbox platform and has taken swift action to remedy it. Xbox players won’t have to wait too long for the update. The latest update for Battlefield 2042 has been released yesterday that addresses the shutdowns in the game. The update is optional until November 23, when it becomes mandatory to install.

Although the terrible release and crashes of the game infuriated the fans, it is good to see that EA and Dice are immediately taking action to resolve this issue. Battlefield 2042 was originally launched on November 12 with early access. The game had its fair share of issues in the launch on other platforms as well, but most of them were patched up and the experience is much smoother now.


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