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Battlefield 2042 players stuck at ‘waiting for players’ match screen: Is there any fix yet?

EA and Dice are also looking for a competitive edge in battle royale games that have dominated the gaming market like PUBG, Warzone, and Valorant and Battlefield 2042 is one of the games that hope to do so. Like most BR games Battlefield 2042 offers a futuristic setting with a huge map, fast-paced gunfights, and impressive graphics that fans appreciated and gave rave reviews. However, like most early beta BR games, Battlefield 2042 had several game-breaking bugs and stability issues that made the fans bite their nails in frustration. Most of them were fixed in the game for the most part, but apparently, the game still has some bugs that prevent the game from being fully enjoyed,

The recent “waiting for players” match screen, where the screen is stuck and refuses to load the matches. Which any normal player would get frustrated with after spending countless hours into the game and suddenly encountering this issue. Read on more to know about this issue and is there any fix released for it?

battlefield-2042 Aim assist issue

Possible fix for freezing at “waiting for players” match screen

If you’ve come across this issue in Battlefield 2042, there are likely various reasons that are causing this error and freezing at “waiting for players” to join the screen. Issues like the lack of matchmaking when you have the crossplay feature disabled for some reason. Console players like Playstation 4, 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S would want crossplay disabled as it will put them at an unfair advantage against PC players. However, disabling crossplay has its own problems as it can be difficult finding matches in the game, so turning on crossplay is the only way to play the matches until there is an official fix released to address the “waiting for players match” screen issue.

The most players can do for now is to make sure that the servers they’re not joining the servers that are removed as they can still appear in the list even after being taken down. Another thing you can make sure to do is to verify that the server’s capacity is not full.

Battlefield 2042 waiting for players issue

Also when joining a match, keep in mind that waiting too long might not be a good idea in this situation. If the match takes 5-10 minutes or longer to load, abort it and try rejoining again. Although enabling crossplay will get you into the game, it can also lead to other issues such as “unable to load persistence data”. Hopefully, EA or DICE addresses the issue in their next patch.



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