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Best A Plague Tale Requiem Settings for High FPS & No Lag

The difference between enjoying a gaming session or gameplay experience and losing out on the excitement usually boils down to getting the settings right. You may not necessarily have the best game setup but as long as your gaming system meets the minimum requirements for a game, you can have a blast. That is why in the course of this article, we will discuss the best A Plague Tale Requiem Settings for high FPS & no lag, plus other settings-related tips you should know.

Best A Plague Tale Requiem Settings for High FPS & No Lag
Best A Plague Tale Requiem Settings for High FPS & No Lag

A Plague Tale Requiem was released on October 18 2022 for Switch, PS5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. Well, following this guide for your game on PC and readjusting your game settings will definitely improve FPS and lag if you were experiencing any.

Best A Plague Tale Requiem Settings For High FPS & No Lag

Before anything, we recommend you close all overlaying apps and ensure your system meets the minimum requirements for the game. Also, ensure your Windows is up to date, and don’t forget to update your GPU Drivers.

Windows Optimization

Here’s how to update Windows to ensure you have the latest patch.

1) First, navigate to your system settings and select Update & Security.

2) Then click on Windows Update and allow it to download and install the latest patch.

Done? Now launch the game and navigate to the Settings Menu.

Graphics Settings

When the Settings Menu opens, scroll over to Graphics and adjust following this guide.

Brightness: User Preference.
Vsync: Off
Screen Resolution: Match with display resolution.
Resolution Scale: 100%.
Display Mode: Full screen.
NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution: Quality.
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Disabled.
Motion Blur: On.
Chromatic Aberration: Off.
Graphics Preset: User Preference.
Draw Distance: Medium.
Shadow Maps: Medium.
Volumetric Lights: Low.
Ambient Occlusion: Medium.
Depth of Field: Low.
Contact Shadow: Low.
Light Shafts: Medium.
Screen-space Reflections: Medium.
Texture Quality: Medium.

There are other settings you may want to adjust but they are mostly based on user preference. These include vibration, audio, volume, and others. When you are done adjusting the game settings to match with the guide given here, play the game so you can check out the difference and perhaps readjust settings to fit your style.

That’s it on Best A Plague Tale Requiem settings for high FPS & no lag. Kindly share this article with friends and everyone in your gaming community. Also, stay in touch with Vabsaga for more gaming tips and updates. Have a wonderful time.


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