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Best Animal Simulator Games on Roblox (2022)

Roblox is a treasure mine for finding simulation games. It is packed with so many of them that at times it makes it harder to choose which one to play. And let us not even get started with animal simulators. Roblox is filled with those games. Each has unique features to offer. It is this individuality in their gameplay, that draws more and more players to engage and share these games.

But why animal simulators? Why are they so widely liked in Roblox? Simple! Animals are adorable. Just look at the number of cat videos on the internet. Is it a surprise that players under the age of 18, Roblox’s main player base, like playing games where they can be a cute cat, a gentle elephant, or even a fast hedgehog? However, finding a great animal simulator game that you may want to try can be a boring task. So, we have decided to help you with your search. This way, you don’t bore yourself to death and instead get to have a fun time playing with your buddies. Let’s wait no more and jump right in!

Best Animal Simulator Games on Roblox (2022)
Best Animal Simulator Games on Roblox (2022)

Best Animal Simulator Games on Roblox (2022)

Finding an animal simulator game on Roblox that you will like is trying to find a needle in a haystack, except here the haystack keeps on piling. Don’t worry! We will find that needle and your games. These are some of the best animal simulator games on Roblox available in 2022 –

Animal Simulator

That name is pretty clear about the game you are going to play. Developed by ragnar9878, it was created on 20th September 2020. Since then the game has seen constant updates and a good constant stream of players. Animal Simulator allows a maximum of 30 players in a server, so get your buddies ready. Fight other animals, or don’t! Roleplay as a monkey, cat, fox and so many other animals. The choice is yours.

Feather Family

Created by ShinyGriffin, Feather Family is a game where you roleplay as a bird and explore the world. You can choose which bird you want to be, hatch an egg, build a nest and so much more. Feather family has a server size of about 60 so there’s plenty of room for your friends and family to join.

Warrior Cats

Now, this is a game for the cat slaves out there. Created on 15th August 2019 by WarriorCatsRP, the game as you may have already guessed from the not-so-subtle name, allows you to become a cat. A warrior cat to be exact. Just in-game, not in real life though! You can choose your path, try to become a clan leader or have a good old exploration session with your friends. The server size is 60, so don’t forget to bring a lot of friends. At last, you can finally, sleep as much as you like, demand food from those foolish humans, and spill coffee over their notebooks. Oh! The wonders of being a cat.

Dragons’ Life

Let’s be honest! Dragons are the epitome of coolness. Breathing fire and flying high. Who wouldn’t like that?! Well, you can do those and other awesome things in Dragons’ life. Developed by Shyfoox Studios, it has tons and tons of animations to make you feel like a dragon. You can also create your own family, have eggs and explore various maps. What’s not to like?! Dragons’ Life has a server size of 50, so there will be lots of fellow dragons to fight and meet.

Wild Savanna

Ever wanted to survive as an animal and see how long can you keep up? You can do that in Wild Savanna, a survival game, developed by Ludicrouscunningfox and Endershadow31. The game lets you control an African animal found in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. You can be a cheetah, giraffe, wildebeest, elephant or any African animal found in the park. Wild Savanna has a big server size of 75 which means more hunting for the group.

Cenozoic Survival

Developed by Cenozoic Studios, Cenozoic Survival is also about surviving but instead of African animals, like in Wild Savanna, you become an animal from the Cenozoic era. Players can hunt others or explore the lands, raise families, and form packs. If you are an ancient-era animal nerd or like the idea of one, hop on the server. There’s plenty of room with a server size of 50.

Roblox is a game with endless possibilities. You can also be the one to make another popular animal simulator game. And who knows! Maybe someday your name will also be up there on the list. For now, we would love to know your favorite one and suggest to us if you have any of your own. Anyways, if you are being kicked out from Roblox randomly, here’s a guide for you. Also, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga to know the latest on gaming and tech. Game On!


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