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Bloons TD6: How to get & use the ‘There can be only one’ upgrade? (2023)

If you look at the Tower Defense game scene right now, then you will quickly realize that there’s no game like Bloons TD6. Developed by Ninja Kiwi and released in 2018, the game is available for download and play on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. There’s also a Bloons TD 6+ version for Apple Arcade. Now, while Bloons TD6 is a great little tower defense game, due to it being such an “old” game, there are a lot of things that can overwhelm any newcomer. For example, let’s talk about the “There Can Be Only One” upgrade.

Towers are crucial to any Tower Defense game. That much is a pretty well-established fact. And equally important are the upgrades. There comes a point at times when simply deploying basic towers without any upgrades and whatnot, would not be enough to stop the enemy from crossing the “finishing line”. Enemies will either overwhelm those towers or simply destroy them. Either way, towers are obsolete if they remain “barebones”. This is where upgrades come into play. By upgrading your towers, you are essentially improving them and making them fit for more serious assaults and stuff. Each upgrade is helpful in some way to the towers. But you can’t just willy-nilly upgrade towers as currency is a limiting factor in tower defense games. Now, there are some upgrades that are so bonkers or broken that getting them should be a player’s goal. The “There Can Be Only One” upgrade is certainly one of them. But how do you get and use it exactly? Well, that’s what this guide will help you with.


Bloons TD6: How to get & use the ‘There can be only one’ upgrade?

“There Can Be Only One” is among the final upgrades in the Magic Monkey Knowledge tree in BTD6. Introduced back in Version 3.0, it allows players to get the “Vengeful True Sun God” transformation while they have Monkey Knowledge active. For the uninitiated, Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6 is an enhancement/upgrade system focused on providing major improvements to towers. Currently, there are a total of six upgrade trees: – Primary Monkeys, Military Monkeys, Magic Monkeys, Heroes, Powers, and Support Monkeys. Players can upgrade these trees using Monkey Knowledge Points. There’s more to the system, but for the purpose of this guide, we are not going to dive into those details.

Now, the “There Can Be Only One” upgrade comes under the Magic Monkey Tree. To get it, you will need to first have eight Magic Knowledge Points, unlock the “X-Ray Ultra” Monkey Knowledge, and furthermore, make a one-time purchase of $500 (in-game currency, not IRL money). Remember, “There Can Be Only One” is one of the few prerequisites for summoning BTD6’s Vengeful True Sun God. It’s a more powerful version of True Sun God, so players need to be careful with their strategies and tactics.

To summon the Vengeful True Sun God, enable “There Can Be Only One” along with upgrading to a Tier 4 Sun Temple with more than $50,000 worth of sacrifices. You can sacrifice three out of the four categories: – Primary, Military, Magic, and Support. Next, for Tier 5 Sun Temple, sacrifice $50,000+ worth of towers in all four categories. And lastly, deploy “The Anti-Bloon” and “Legend of Night” outside of the Sun Temple’s range. In the end, it’s time to upgrade the Sun Temple to the True Sun God, which upon its creation will consume “The Anti-Bloon” and “Legend of Night” to become the Vengeful True Sun God. Well, that’s all about how to get and use the ‘There can be only one’ upgrade in BTD6. For more such guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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