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Blox Fruits: How to Start Raid

Blox Fruits is a rather popular game in none other than Roblox. While its common theme is somewhat like One Piece, the actual game may surprise you in more ways than one. There are legendary items like Dragon Scale that can be used for many things. There are normal game modes, event specials, and raids. Raid fights may confuse some players, and that’s why we will help you understand what Raid is in Blox Fruits.

In other games, the method of starting a raid may be different. Some games require a proper team of real players, while others have time-limited events for raids. But in Blox Fruits, we have a microchip system. What is a microchip system? How do I obtain it? Let’s find out.

Blox Fruits: How to Start Raid


Raids are a more difficult kind of stage that has a level system. These levels are divided into 5 islands, and each island scales up with more powerful foes as you play. As expected, to unlock the next island, players must clear normal enemies first and then the main boss fight of the previous level or island. After completing a raid, players will be teleported to a room where they can find an NPC called Mysterious Entity. There, you can awaken your moves by expanding fragments. Each raid grants somewhere between 250 and 1000 fragments. Enough chit-chat; now let’s see how to acquire the microchip for raids.

Basic Raids

There are two types of raids: basic raids and advanced raids. As the name suggests, basic raids will grant you basic rewards, while advanced raids may drop legendary ones. So to enter the Basic Raid, you will need a special microchip. Now head over to the laboratory and look for the mysterious scientist. He’s an NPC that will grant you the good that we need. The special microchip costs $100,000. You can also use a physical fruit as payment if you want. While there is a 2-hour cooldown if you buy a chip with money, for fruits there isn’t one. Well, make sure that you are at least level 1100 or higher; otherwise, the prompt to buy the chip won’t appear. After acquiring the special microchip, head over to either the dark blue tubes in the Second Sea or the yellow platform in the Third Sea. Standing over them while having the special microchip will teleport you to the raid.

Advanced Raids

This will cost you 10 times more than the basic raid. The Advanced Raid Chips cost $10,00,000, or 1000 fragments. Also, if you have any spare legendary fruit, that can be used as payment too. But there is a criterion for advanced raids. You have to complete certain quests that will be different for each fruit or meet specific requirements, such as mastery of 400 on either the Phoenix or Dough fruit. After completing them, the Advanced Raid Chip will be available for purchase.

There you have it. A detailed guide on what and how Raids work in Blox Fruits. If you find this guide informative, make sure to follow Vabsaga for more such interesting content on the latest gaming trends.


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