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Borderlands 3: How to level up fast in Solo (2022)

Borderlands 3 is best enjoyed with friends as you clear hordes of enemies by coordinating with your team. However, there are times when a player might want to enjoy the experience of Borderlands 3 solo. Well, players might think that leveling up solo in Borderlands 3 would be tough but it isn’t as tough as you think. Although you might require a bit of skill to play the game in solo mode, with some practice, it can get really easy. Anyways, in this article, we will be sharing details on how to level up fast in Borderlands 3 solo. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fighting enemies in Borderlands 3 with your friends is always an amazing experience that every player has craved. Since you have the support of your team, you don’t need to be exceptionally good but things aren’t going to be so smooth while playing the game in solo mode. You will have to be extremely cautious when taking a fight, keep a check on your ammo count, and use the best character and the best build. So, if you are interested to level up fast in Borderlands 3 while playing solo, continue reading.


Borderlands 3: How to level up fast in Solo (2022)

Here are some of the best ways to level up fast in Borderlands 3 while playing solo.

1) Complete the campaign mode

Completing the campaign mode will unlock many rewards and you will even get more experience points from doing any side mission after. So, prioritize the campaign mode and leave the side mission for later.

2) Make sure to check your surroundings before taking on a fight

Before heading into a fight, be sure to scout the area and get a vantage point to get an upper hand over your enemies. Try to eliminate them as soon as possible while sustaining the lowest damage.

3) Carefully select the appropriate element damage

Each gun in the game has a different elemental composition which means that you can use different weapons against different enemies to get the most damage out of them based on their elemental origin.

4) Use the best character and build

For playing the game solo, it is best advised to use FL4K as your character since it has a pet that can help you in fights. You can also search for builds online to make sure that you have the best build for your character.

5) Keep your ammo count in check

Always change weapons when fighting enemies as you don’t want to drain all the ammo of a particular gun since it can cost you a fortune to buy more. So, using different weapons is the most efficient method for saving ammo as well as killing your enemies in style.

So, these were all the methods using which you can level up fast in Borderlands Solo. For more such guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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