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Breachers Unity Login Failed Error troubling players: Is there any fix yet

The quantity of VR games that the gaming industry currently has might be low, but the quality has been better than ever. With new and unique VR titles released frequently, many fans are more than satisfied. One among the handful of good VR games in the current market is none other than Breachers. It is a recently launched title from Triangle Factory and has managed to garner a decent player base. But, with every new release comes a plethora of bugs, and Breachers is no exception. As per reports, players have encountered an error in the game that states Unity Login Failed, thereby restricting them from playing. If you are also encountering the same, consider reading till the end as we will be sharing everything we know about this bug, and if a fix for it exists yet.

Bugs and errors are quite common in newly released titles, and gamers have made their peace with them. It is however up to the developers to release fixes for these issues, or the player base would divert from their game, resulting in a steep decline in its popularity. Well, players are facing the Unity Login Failed issue in Breachers, and Triangle Factory hasn’t announced any official fix regarding this issue yet. However, one of the developers did offer a workaround for the same. Below, we have mentioned the stated workaround, along with some generic ones that are worth trying, but note that these are potential workarounds that may or may not work, so we cannot guarantee success.

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Breachers Unity Login Failed Error troubling players: Is there any fix yet

Snipergen.BE, one of Breachers’ developers stated they are talking with Unity regarding this issue, so chances are that a fix would be released soon. Meanwhile, they also stated that a workaround offered by another player has fixed the issue for many. Here’s what they said-


Sync system clock (Workaround)

Shared by Darkstar, this workaround comprises syncing your system clock with the timezone of your local area. To do so, simply head to the Time and Date settings of your Windows OS, and make sure that both Set Time Automatically, and Set Time Zone Automatically options are enabled. Also, don’t forget to click on the Sync Now option under the Synchronize your clock option. After doing so, launch the game, and check if the issue persists. If it does,┬ásome generic fixes might come in handy. So, try them out.

1) Verify integrity of game files

If the game files are corrupted or missing, issues like this can occur. So, to fix it, verifying the integrity of game files is required. You can do so by going to the Steam client> Library> Breachers (right-click)> Properties> Local Files tab> Verify Integrity of game files. After the scan is completed, launch the game, and check if the issue persists.

2) Restart PC

A fresh restart can be very effective against bugs like this. So, consider restarting your PC, and then launching the game.

3) Reinstall

If the issue persists, the final workaround left is uninstalling the game, and downloading the latest version. After reinstallation, the issue should be fixed.

Well, that’s all the information we have regarding this bug in Breachers. If the devs release a hotfix update or more details on the same, we will make sure to update this article at the earliest. Till then, follow Vabsaga for your daily dose of gaming content.


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