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Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Best Graphics Settings for Max FPS

With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, many players have started pouring into the game. There have been many players who have had issues with their FPS not meeting the desired numbers. Therefore, players will need to fiddle with their graphics settings in Vanguard to get the greatest possible FPS. However, the setting values in Call of Duty: Vanguard may be complex, so players may need to learn how to use them effectively.

Call of Duty Vanguard split screen

On a PC, depending on your specs, this option may be more complex. This might have a significant impact on the game’s performance and appearance. Graphics settings on consoles are limited compared to those on PCs. Some of the best Graphic options are listed below; other settings can be modified to suit your needs. (Brightness, for example, is dependent on your display).

Here are the Graphic Settings required to attain the best FPS in-game:

  • Open Settings -> Navigate to Graphics tab and input the settings below:
COD Vanguard Graphic settings
COD Vanguard Graphic settings

Display Settings:

Display Mode: Fullscreen
Display Resolution: Monitor resolution
Monitor: The main monitor where the game will be displayed
Refresh Rate: Monitor’s Highest Refresh Rate
V-Sync (Gameplay): Off
V-Sync (Menu): Off
Frame Rate Limit: Monitor’s Highest Refresh Rate
Aspect Ratio:  Automatic
Display (Gamma): 2.2
HDR:  Automatic
Focused Mode: Off
Display Adapter: Your Graphics Card –
On-Demand Texture Streaming: Off


Dynamic Resolution: Off
Texture Resolution: Low or Very Low (depending on the player’s FPS)
Texture Filter Anisotropic: High
Particle Quality Level: Medium
Particle Resolution: High
Bullet Impacts and Sprays: Off
Shader Quality: Low
Tesselation: Off
Level of Detail Distance Range: Long
Nearby Level of Detail: High
Distant Level of Detail: High
Clutter Draw Distance: Low
Volumetric Quality Level: Low
Screen Space Shadows: Off
Shadow Map Resolution: Very Low
Shadows Cascades: Low
Cache Sun Shadows: On
Cache Spot Shadows: On
Spot Cache Size:  Very Low
Spot Shadow Quality: Low
Particle Lighting:  Low
Ambient Occlusion: Off
Screen Space Reflection: Off
Nvidia DLSS: Off
FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0: Off
FidelityFX CAS: On (0.80)
Anti-Aliasing: Filmic SMAA T2X
Depth of Field:  Off (For clear visuals)


Field of View: 100
Camera Movement:  Least
World Motion Blur: Off
Weapon Motion Blur: Off
Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On + Boost

Since the bulk of FPS is influenced by textures and graphic settings, changing them to the ones listed above can help you significantly enhance your FPS. Having options like depth of field and motion blur off, not only improve FPS but immensely also affect the visibility within the game. If you want improvement in visuals, some of these settings can be turned on or increased IF your PC can handle all the processing. But do keep in mind that the more visual enhancing settings get turned on, the more it affects performance.


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