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Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard: How to unlock all operators

Call of Duty Vanguard is reigning in battle royale FPS games and is still standing as one of the most played games of all time. Everything about this game is amazing, the world war 2 setting, fast-paced gunplay, and unique roster of 12 different operators to play as. Each comes with its speciality on the battlefield and perks that provide an advantage over its opponents and having them early in the game is a must for every completionist. Those who have played the campaign knows each one of them has their own backstory. If the players wish to acquire every vanguard in the multiplayer of COD Vanguard, they need to perform several challenges and fulfill requirements before they can use it. Read on more to know what strategy to use to get them.

Call of Duty Vanguard unlock all operator

Unlocking every operator in Call of Duty Vanguard

First of all, players can take it easy as the unlocking system in Call of Duty vanguard in the game is straightforward. If you tap the Operators, you can see every operator listed and the requirements you’ll have to complete to unlock them. For example – To unlock Daniel, you need to get 100 kills from the marksman rifle. If you use his favorite weapon M1 Garand, you’ll get additional weapons XP and normal XP. If you’re using this operator and his weapon, you can level up your gun quicker. Perfect for farming XP. Here’s a list of every operator in Warzone and the requirements to unlock them.

Hellhounds and shadow operators

  • Daniel- Achieve 200 marksman rifle kills
  • Wade – Achieve 100 headshots
  • Halima – Get 50 prone kills’
  • Polina – Achieve 200 sniper kills
  • Solange – Get 10 double skills
  • Shigenori – Execute 25 finishing moves in the game

If you play the game normally, you’ll fulfill the requirements of some operators naturally such as unlocking Wade. With enough practice and consistency, you can achieve 100 headshots. The same goes for every operator.

Barbarians and sentinel operators

  • Roland – Achieve 300 assault rifle kills
  • Beatrice – Achieve 5 kills without dying 10 times
  • Lucas – Achieve 100 fire kills
  • Arthur – Achieve 10 kills with killstreak
  • Constanze – Achieve 300 LMG kills
  • Padmavati – Achieve 200 shotgun kills.

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Since these operators are more assault rifle-focused, players should have no problem completing the requirements as most players use assault rifles in the gameplay.  All of them have weapon-focused challenges so players who use assault rifles in their playstyle should find it easy to unlock Roland. It is recommended to use every type of weapon to gain exp and operators whose designated weapon comes into that category should have an easy time using it.






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