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Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Mic not working: How to fix it?

In battle royale games, many things play an important part in deciding the outcome of the match. One is having a strategy in mind when approaching enemies, picking suitable loadouts, and lastly effective communication between your teammates. Having clear communication between you and your teammates is vital for winning matches or coming up with a strategy. Lately, the majority of the players are experiencing audio issues in Call of Duty Vanguard that makes some functions useless.  The new battle royale game recently released impressed many players with its fantastic gameplay, visuals, and loadouts. But this isn’t to say that game is perfect as several bugs like broken team chat bug prevents players from communicating with each other.  If you’re also suffering from the in-game mic not working, then we’ve listed several solutions that you can try to get the mic functioning properly.

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How to fix mic issues not working on COD Vanguard.

Restart your system

To fix the in-game mic not working on COD Vanguard, the first thing you should do is restart your PC or console. There might be an issue with the game itself, so after rebooting your console or PC, power everything back on and launch the game. While doing so, plug back your Headset and check to see if your headset is on. To check if your headset is connected, press the PS button, you’ll see the headset on the upper right if it is detected.

Check sound settings

Sometimes the in-game mic not working might be from the console sound lowered down completely. To make sure the volume is up.

  • Go to the settings tab in your console or PC and select the “Sound” option.
  • Under the Sound option, check that in your output device, your headset is displaying, select your audio device.
  • Then head to “Mic settings” and make sure your audio device is selected. (your device name will show up on the mic option).
  • You can also adjust the mic level under that option. Select it and test it to see the audio is clear.

Verify mic sound settings in the game

To check in-game audio from the game, follow the necessary steps.

  • Press the options button and go to “Settings”
  • Head to the “Audio” section and scroll down to “Voice Chat”. Make sure that your voice chat is turned on
  • You can also increase the voice chat volume. By default, it is set to 25, make sure to increase it by 45
  • You should also increase the “microphone volume” to 45 as well.
  • You can also choose “No Effect” in Voice Chat Effect. (personal preference)

Call of Duty vanguard mic issues

Check Crossplay Communication

To verify this, head to the “Accounts and Network” option on the far right side of the settings tab. From there, enable “Crossplay Communication”. Sometimes this option also causes voice issues between your teammates.




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