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Call of the Wild: The Angler can’t log in to Apex Account issue troubling many players: Is there any fix yet

Call of the Wild The Angler has been recently released and many players are encountering multiple errors in the game. Well, it is normal for a new game to have errors, but if the devs don’t act quickly and fix the issues, the player base of the game will decline drastically. An issue that players are facing in Call of the Wild The Angler is that they are unable to log into their Apex account. Due to this, their account cannot be linked with the game, which has caused quite a bit of frustration in the community. So, is there a fix to this issue? Well, we have shared some effective workarounds that might be able to fix this issue for you. Consider reading this article for more details.

Connecting your Apex account to Call of the Wild The Angler can come in very handy when you want to play the game with friends. Well, that goes for any other game multiplayer game. However, if an error occurs while doing so, the overall experience deteriorates. The same has been happening to CoTW The Angler players as they are unable to connect their Apex account to the game. While there has been no official support from the devs, we have come up with some potential fixes for it.


Call of the Wild: The Angler can’t log in to Apex Account issue troubling many players: Is there any fix yet

Account linking issue generally occurs when the game can’t connect to the servers, or if there are game files missing in your system. So, fixing such a problem won’t be that troublesome. Simply follow the given steps-

1) Verify Integrity of Game Files

To do this, head to Steam>Library>Call of the Wild The Angler. Now, right-click on the game. After this, select the Properties option and then select the Local Files tab. Now, click on the Verify Game Files option. After the scan is completed, try logging in to the game with your Apex Account.

2) Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is unstable, the game might not be able to connect to its servers to link your Apex account. So, make sure that your internet connection is working fine. If not, switch to a wired network and try again.

3) Use a different account

You can try linking a different Apex account and see if the linking process is successfully carried out.

Well, the error should be fixed by now. If not, you will need to wait for an official patch fix from the devs. We hope this guide was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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