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Can You Play Dota 2 Offline With Bots?

Valve’s DOTA 2 continues to remain an influential title in the MOBA community. Released in 2013, it was one of the “original” MOBA games to come out since the birth of the genre, along with League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. While Newerth officially ended its services on 20 June of this year, League and DOTA remain big and exciting as ever.

Many newcomers try to compare the two originals to one another due to them belonging to the same genre. However, both may be MOBA but their gameplay differs a lot. And that is a rabbit hole to jump in for another time. DOTA 2’s difficulty curve is very steep when paired with other games of the same genre. It isn’t impossible to master though. With enough practice, anyone can learn the ropes and intricacies of the game. But what if you don’t have an internet connection to play the game online? Is there a way for you to play DOTA 2 offline with bots? Let’s find out!!

Can You Play Dota 2 Offline With Bots?

Can You Play DOTA 2 Offline With Bots?

You would be happy to know that you can play DOTA 2 offline with bots. However, now comes the how? Well, to play the game offline, if you don’t have an internet connection is to first open Steam. Now we know that Steam requires an internet connection to properly open but there is a workaround to counter that. You can open DOTA 2 through a shortcut after authorizing it. Next, Steam will try to reconnect to the internet besides offering an offline mode. Just select it and you are through.

After starting the game, just select the Play button. You will see a “Practice with bots” option which you need to click. Now, select your bot difficulty and pick a team. You are now ready to play DOTA 2 offline with bots. Do remember that this method is only for practicing with AI. You can’t play regular matches using this. For that, you will need an internet connection.

We hope that this guide has helped you in playing DOTA 2 offline. If you are facing login errors in League of Legends, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to know the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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