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Can You Play League of Legends (LOL) Offline With Bots

League of Legends is one of the “OGs” of the MOBA genre. Released in 2009, the game slowly started to gain momentum in the industry. As years went by, Riot grew bigger, figuratively and literally. League saw a huge amount of success due to its appeal and its easy learning curve compared to that of DOTA 2, which attracted a much more hardcore set of players.

Today, League has turned into a franchise, spawning various other games in the same setting like Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Ruined King, and an upcoming fighting game titled Project L. Furthermore, Riot produced its show known as Arcane, which won wide praise from all over the world. It is even been touted as the best game adaptation of all time. Besides the ever-increasing lore and characters of the game, one thing League is known for is its competitive scene. The game has one of the largest esports in the world, rivaled only by Fortnite and DOTA 2. But to enter that competitive scene, you need to be highly skilled in the game. How do you do that? Easy. Just practice. But what if there’s no internet available? What do you do then? Does Riot even allow you to play League of Legends offline with bots? Well, let’s find out!!

Can You Play League of Legends (LOL) Offline With Bots

Can You Play League of Legends (LOL) Offline With Bots

Unfortunately, you really can’t play League offline with bots. Riot hasn’t made any feature to do so. You can, however, play online with bots but as said earlier, you need to be online for that. If you want to play, versus AI while you are online, you can join the Co-op vs. AI mode available in the game. Do mind that, you need to select a difficulty level from the three available – Intro, Beginner, and Intermediate. Players can use this mode to practice their champions and even try out their skills against bots.

We hope that this article has helped you in clearing any doubts you had about League of Legends and offline play with bots. If you are facing matchmaking issues in the game, check out this article. Follow VabSaga to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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