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Can You Reset Progress in GTA Online

Many GTA Online players realize they missed out on a lot of fun at the initial stages of the game due to lack of experience. When they finally get the experience, there is the urge to go start all over again. This might not be your reason for resetting your game progress but if you have been wondering if you can reset progress in GTA Online, technically you can, and we will walk you through the steps in this article.

Can You Reset Progress in GTA Online
Can You Reset Progress in GTA Online

Before going further, it is important we state for clarity that these steps work for GTA Online and not GTA 5 as these two are easily mixed up by fans. Here we go.

Can You Reset Progress in GTA Online

The method for resetting progress is different for GTA 5 and GTA Online for obvious reasons. However, both guarantee you start the game all over again with no perks from previous progress. For GTA 5, all you need do is go to the game settings and start a new game after opting to lose all saved progressions. For GTA Online, the process is hugely different as it entails creating and customizing a new character without allocating the level and achievements of the older character to the new one. To create a new character and reset progress in GTA Online, follow these steps.

1) Start by launching the game and then select the Options Menu.
2) Then toggle to the Online bar and scroll down to Swap Character and select that.
3) Right after that, a character selection screen or window will surface, and you will see your main character and a new character.
4) Scroll over to the new character and click X to start editing.
5) Once you click on the character to start customizing, a new screen will pop up asking if you want to copy the rank and progress of the old character to the new one.
6) Here is the big difference between GTA 5 and GTA Online progress reset procedure. Select ‘No’ and continue customizing the character to your fancy. Selecting ‘Yes’ will only make the character continue from where the old character stopped, with the same game progress and we want to avoid that.
7) You are done. Simply switch to that character when you return to the game and you will start the whole game from level one.

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