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Clash Royale Error 401: Fixes & Workarounds

Clash Royale is the popular tower defense strategy game developed by the same company that made Clash of Clans. Yes, it is yet another product from Supercell which has been successful right from its official release back in 2016. However, there are plenty of issues with the game and one being the error 401 that is restricting players from accessing the game. According to some players, whenever they try to log in, the game throws the “Oops! An error occurred” message, and they are forced to exit Clash Royale. Well, this is indeed a very annoying issue but don’t you worry anymore as we will be sharing some really effective workarounds to fix it for good. Here’s everything you need to know.

For a multiplayer game, error codes are very common. Players are often riddled with countless error codes and most of them aren’t fixable from the client side. However, Error 401 in Clash Royale is one unique error that can be fixed with some really simple workarounds and we have featured all the details in this article. Continue reading for more details.


Clash Royale Error 401: Fixes & Workarounds

Well, before jumping right into the potential fixes, you must first check if Clash Royale servers are up and running while you are accessing the game. It might happen that the game servers are down due to which you facing this issue. So, make sure to check the Clash Royale server status. Now that this is out of the way, here the effective workarounds that will fix the Error 401 in Clash Royale.

1) Restart Clash Royale

Well, this is the most obvious workaround that seems to do the trick for most errors in mobile games. Likewise, in the case of Clash Royale, you can try restarting the game if you are facing Error 401.

2) Restart your device

You can also consider restarting your mobile device to make sure that there aren’t issues with the game. After a fresh restart, simply launch the game and check if the error persists.

3) Clear Clash Royale Cache

To clear the cache of Clash Royale, simply hold the Clash Royale icon and then click on App Info. Now, select the Storage option and then select the Clear Cache button. After this, launch the game and the error should be fixed.

Well, now you know how to fix the Clash Royale Error 401. For more such articles on Clash Royale and information on newly released titles, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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