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Coral Island Save File Location & More Details

Knowing how to play a game is not enough. You have to know other details like how to access the game files and other stuff should the need arise, which usually does, especially on PC. That is why in the course of this article, we will discuss Coral Island Save File Location & more details about the game you should know.

Coral Island Save File Location & More Details
Coral Island Save File Location & More Details

Before we launch into the details of the save file location, here are some basics about the game. Coral Island is a farm simulation video game developed and published by Stairway Games and Humble Games respectively. The game was released for PC via Steam on October 11, 2022. With that out of the way, continue reading to know where the game save files are stored in your system.

Coral Island Save File Location & More Details

There is a plethora of reasons gamers, PC gamers most especially should know how to access the Save File Location of a particular game, ranging from the need to manually delete corrupt files from time to time or carry out verification of important files. Whatever the reason, here is how to access the Save File Location for Coral Island on PC. Simply follow these steps.

1) The first thing to do is navigate to File Explorer on your PC and click it open.

2) Then scroll over to This PC usually on the left margin of your screen and click on it.

3) After clicking on This PC, open the C; Drive or the Drive where the game is saved.

4) Now, open the Users Folder and open your Username Folder.

5) This will lead you to another window where you will need to open the AppData Folder. There are instances where the AppData Folder will not display immediately. If you encounter this, simply scroll to the upper screen and click on View, then check or mark the box that says Hidden Items. For Windows 11, click on View, select Show, and then mark the Hidden Items box.

6) Now, after the AppData folder is displayed, click it open and open the Local folder within it.

7) In the next window that opens, select the ProjectCoral folder and you will see the Saved Folder. Some players reported that the folder had the Config and Logs files only. If that’s the case, head to this path to access the game saves- “Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Packages”

We hope this guide helped you find the Coral Island Save File location. Stay in touch with Vabsaga for more gaming updates like this, and kindly share this article with friends in your gaming community. Have a great time.


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