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Crab Champions Difficulty Levels: What are they

Roguelike games have always been a popular choice, and with the recent release of Crab Champions, players are diving deep into experiencing a whole new world, causing mayhem as a Crab. It is a typical looter-shooter game, but with a twist. Instead of playing as a human character like in the Borderlands series, you play as a crab that can shoot guns. So, your ultimate goal in the game is to visit exotic islands, start your run, and then kill as many enemies as possible while trying to survive. Now, some players may be too quick to master the game mechanics, so choosing the default difficulty level might get boring for them. Well, Crab Champions has 3 difficulty levels and we are going to share all the details on the same.

Whether you want to take on enemies alone, or with friends, Crab Champions is surely going to keep you engaged for hours. With online co-op features, the game allows players to group up with their friends or strangers, and wreak havoc wherever they go. But, if you don’t select the right difficulty level before starting your run, things can get either too easy or too hard to handle. In that case, you should have an idea about the various level of difficulty that the game offers, so that you can choose wisely.


Crab Champions Difficulty Levels: What are they

As mentioned earlier, the game features a total of 3 difficulty levels with Easy being the most beginner-friendly experience, while Normal and Nightmare are usually preferred by players who know their way into looter shooters. Anyways, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Easy (A calming walk on the beach)

If you are new to this genre, the Easy difficulty level will prove to be your favorite as it offers a bunch of buffs, making your gameplay smooth and relaxing. Here are the details-

  • Starting Health: +100%
  • Enemy spawn rate: -50%
  • Enemy HP: -50%
  • Enemy damage: -66%
  • Enemy speed: -25%

The easy difficulty level is properly described as “A calming walk on the beach”. So, you don’t need to worry much.

Normal (A light jog in shallow water)

Next comes the Normal difficulty level. Although it may be tempting to select this difficulty during your first playthrough, we suggest not to, because it can be a bit challenging for someone who is a newbie. The game describes this difficulty mode as “A light jog in shallow water”, which is apt, but the challenges will be tough. No buffs/debuffs are featured in this difficulty mode.

Nightmare (A sprint through lava)

If you are someone who likes extreme challenges, then this mode is for you. With debuffs to your HP and buffs to enemy stats, this difficulty level will test your skills to the extreme. Once selected, here are the changes you will notice in your run-

  • Starting HP: -25%
  • Enemy Spawn rate: +150%
  • Enemy HP: +50%
  • Enemy Damage: +50%
  • Enemy Speed: +33%

If that doesn’t seem too much, remember that the game features scaling which will eventually lead to tougher enemies and increased DPS as you progress through your run, so make sure to choose the correct difficulty level and hone your skills.

Well, this is all the information we have as of now. We hope it was useful. For more such content on gaming, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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