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Cult of The Lamb Soundtrack List

Let’s admit it, most of our favourite songs were first heard on unorthodox sources like movies and video games. Some of the music tracks featured in video games have gone on to become iconic songs or beats worldwide and for good reason. Music has been found to set the mood for most games which is why developers are very choosy when it comes to what tracks should be added to their games.

Some game development companies with large funding even take it ten steps further by commissioning artists and composers to create tracks for games that are still being developed. The end results of these efforts are the songs that get stuck in your head, even if you get to hear them once. That explains why many fans have been looking for the complete Cult of the Lamb soundtrack list. Well, luckily we have shared all the details here.

Cult of The Lamb Soundtrack List
Cult of The Lamb Soundtrack List

Cult of the Lamb is a video game that cuts across genres, which could be one of the secrets that make the game so fascinating. The game was developed and published by Massive Monster and Devolver Digital respectively, and is available across multiple platforms. Anyways, let’s now focus on the main topic.

Cult of The Lamb Soundtrack List

All the tracks in Cult of the Lamb are part of the album aptly titled ‘Cult of the Lamb’. They are composed and directed by Narayana Johnson popularly known as River Boy, while the sleeve artwork for the cover was created by Carles Dalmau. The album is divided into two parts, Side A and Side B, and it comes in two discs. You can order the Deluxe Double Vinyl pack from Devolver Digital’s official website and get to enjoy them. So, here’s the list of all tracks featured in the game-

Disc 1 (Side A)

  • Praise the Lamb.
  • Start a Cult.
  • Temple.
  • Work and Worship.
  • Saviour.
  • Ratoo.

Side B

  • Faith Up.
  • Sacrifice.
  • Darkwood.
  • Amdusias.
  • Leshy.
  • Knucklebones.
  • Pilgrim’s Passage.
  • The Night.
  • Anura.
  • Eligos.
  • Heket.
  • Shop.
  • Sozo.

Disc 2 (Side A)

  • Anchordeep.
  • Saleos.
  • Kallamar.
  • Followers of the Old Faith.
  • Silk Cradle.
  • Vephar.
  • Shamura.
  • Plimbo.
  • Midas.
  • Witnesses.

Side B

  • Martyred.
  • The Gateway.
  • First Son, Baal.
  • Second Son, Aym.
  • Narinder.
  • The One Who Waits.
  • Enlightenment.
  • Lamb God.
  • Bishops of the Old Faith.
  • Light House.
  • Bishop Temple.
  • Lonely Shack
  • Clauneck.

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