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Dave The Diver Key Rebinding feature: When will it be released

If you like playing casual games that offer a mixture of multiple genres, then the game Dave the Diver is perfect for you. And, since you are reading this article, it is obvious that you love playing it. From exploring the unknown Blue Hole to managing a sushi restaurant, it is surely an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Dave the Diver was in Early Access for quite some time, and with its latest v1.0 release, the game’s popularity has risen exponentially. However, there are players who are still disappointed with the game, and that’s due to the fact that it lacks some major accessibility features, including key rebinding.

Players in today’s world take customization for granted. Any game that doesn’t offer customization options is heavily criticized, and Dave the Diver has been receiving such criticism for a long time. During its early access phase, there were many necessary features missing from the game, and most players, although complaining, expected that these features would be released when the v1.0 version got released. However, that didn’t happen. Why are we stating all these? Well, one of the most important and rather interesting features that many players have been anticipating in the game is key rebinding. Without this, players are stuck using the default controls for the various actions in the game. Since this is not available in Dave the Diver, you must be willing to know if/when it will be released for the game. We have shared more details on the same below.


Dave The Diver Key Rebinding feature: When will it be released

As of now, there is no official information regarding the release of a key rebinding feature in Dave the Diver. Despite the demand, the developers didn’t include this essential accessibility option in their game, and we have no idea why. So, does this mean such a feature will never be released? No, of course not! During the early access phase, one of the developers responded to the demands made by the fans related to the implementation of key rebinding. Here’s what they said:

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry about the late reply.
We here at the dev team do know that there are many requests regarding key binding.
We are continously looking into it, and will be looking into it further, but since the game is using various keys in various systems, it might create some issues when new content unlocks.
We are laser focused on the full-release right now, and while we can’t guarantee 100% that this function will be added, please trust us that we we will absolutely keep trying our best to do what we can.
Thanks for the support and passion for Dave The Diver!

Well, from this, we can say that the developers indeed focused entirely on the game’s full release. However, since they are aware that the key rebinding feature is in huge demand, they might eventually add it to the game in an upcoming update. This, however, is just speculation from our side and should be taken with a pinch of salt. We will make sure to update this article with more information once we fetch it. Until then, consider visiting VabSaga daily.


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