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Dave the Diver Staff/Employees: How to Hire

A ton of new games are released frequently on Steam, and Dave the Diver is one of them. The game has been receiving a lot of positive reviews since its v1.0 release because of its uniqueness. Being an Indie RPG game, Dave the Diver takes you on an enjoyable journey in its retro world, where you are required to explore the depths of the ocean. However, you are not just an ocean explorer. You are also a business owner who runs a sushi restaurant! The description itself is enough to get you all excited to play the game. It is filled with unique, fun, and adventurous elements that never bore you. Now, you can hire employees who would help you with your restaurant’s operations in Dave the Diver. But a lot of players are wondering how to hire these staff/employees. Continue reading to find out how.

Employing more staff in your restaurant is an essential thing that you must do in Dave the Diver. You need to get things running at your restaurant while you venture into the depths of the ocean. If you don’t want to face losses in your restaurant business, then hiring the required staff is an important process. The hiring process is quite interesting. As the player, you are required to advertise for the position available. There are different modes of advertising to choose from as well! This makes the game even more interesting. Upon advertising, you will get a list of applicants with different strengths and stats. You are required to choose the best among them for your restaurant. The process is quite engaging and lively, making the game more enjoyable. Now, let us get into the hiring process.

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Dave the Diver Staff/Employees: How to Hire


Unlock the Hiring Feature

To start hiring, you must unlock the feature. To do that, you are required to complete Yoshie’s Quest. This is the first mission that triggers Yoshie’s first appearance in your restaurant. As the player, you are given the objective of preparing a Shark’s Head dish. The primary ingredients for the dish are the head of a Whitetip Shark and Olive Oil. Start by venturing into the far left portion of the sea and hunting a Whitetip Shark. Upgrading your gun is advised, as they are pretty hostile. Upon preparing the dish and serving it to Yoshie, you would have unlocked the Hiring feature in Dave the Diver.

It’s time to advertise

Upon unlocking the feature, you must proceed to advertise for the positions available. To do that, visit the Staff menu of the restaurant present in-game. You will be given three choices to choose from:

  • The Flyer ad costs 50 coins. Helps in recruiting staff at the current Cooksta rating level. A Maximum of two applicants can show up.
  • The TV ad costs 150 Coins. Helps in recruiting staff at a level higher than the current Cooksta rating level. A maximum of 3 applicants are featured.
  • Finally, the Internet ad costs 400 coins. This enables you to recruit staff with a significantly higher level than the current Cooksta rating level. A maximum of 4 applicants might show up.

Be patient

Upon choosing the most affordable advertising option, you will have to wait for an entire in-game day. The following day, you will be given a list of applicants by Yoshei. After looking at the statistics and costs of the applicants, choose to hire the best and most effective ones who meet your needs. You can then proceed to allot the newly hired employees to different roles in the restaurant.

You will be able to hire more employees when your restaurant grows. And this is how you hire new staff/employees in Dave the Diver. We hope you have found the content informative. For more such interesting guides, make sure to visit VabSaga.


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