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Deliver Us Mars Stuttering & Low FPS Issue: Is there any fix yet

As Deliver us Mars is recently released, players are jumping onto the opportunity to play the game and experience what it has to offer. However, as per reports, the game has been running into a number of issues including some stuttering and low fps, even on high-end systems. With no official acknowledgment of the issue from the devs, players are left in vain as they search for fixes. Fortunately, we are here to share some effective workarounds to fix this issue. So, continue reading till the end.

In-game issues are quite common in newly released titles, and considering the fact that Deliver Us Mars managed to provide a surreal experience in such low system requirements, there isn’t much to complain. Anyways, coming to the issue, players have shared instances where the game becomes unplayable due to low FPS, and this also happens during cutscenes. With that said, here are some workarounds you can try.


Deliver Us Mars Stuttering & Low FPS Issue: Is there any fix yet

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official fixes or workarounds available for this issue, yet. But, the community has always been able to come up with something useful, and they didn’t disappoint this time as well.

1) Change DirectX version

The issue seems to be rooting in the game due to running in Dx12, so switching to Dx11 might do the trick. For this, you need to head into your Steam Library, right-click on Deliver Us Mars, select Properties and then go to the General tab. Now, under Launch options, type -dxd11 and save the changes. After this, launch the game and check if the issue persists.

2) Disable Raytracing

Even if you have an RTX card, consider disabling Raytracing via the in-game option. As the game seems not be optimized well, it is better to run it with Raytracing disabled.

3) Update your GPU Drivers

If your GPU drivers are outdated, lags and FPS issues are bound to happen. So, to make sure you never run into such issues, update your GPU drivers via its manufacturer’s website.

4) Update Windows

Despite being obvious, most players tend to ignore updating Windows. With an outdated version, compatibility issues can occur, resulting in FPS drops and lags. So, update your Windows to its latest version.

5) Disable resource-hogging applications

Make sure that no application other than the game is utilizing your CPU/GPU significantly. If such applications are found, disable them via the Task Manager.

6) Reinstall

Although this should be done as a last resort, a fresh installation of the game can sometimes be very crucial in fixing issues. So, it is worth a shot.

So, using these methods, you should be able to fix the stuttering and FPS issues in Deliver Us Mars. Anyways, we offer a bunch of guides on the latest games, so do visit Vabsaga for more content on gaming.


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