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Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles DLC Release date: When is it coming out?

Demon Slayer: the Hinokami Chronicles is an action-adventure game based off the Anime Demon Slayer. The story pertains a male protagonist, Tanjiro,  who faces demons to avenge his family and protect his sister. This game mostly covers the events from Season 1 of the anime. Its release date was also announced quite close to that of Season 2, implying that there may be more updates and DLCs to come after the Season concludes. It is playable on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. However, the game does not support cross-play on any platform.

The game has yet to have any playable demon characters. Three updates of post-launch DLC will be offered for free. In Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles, each of these post-launch DLCs will feature two new playable characters. By the conclusion of these post-launch DLCs, the game will have gained a total of six playable characters.

The developers at CyberConnect2 have confirmed that the first DLC will add Akaza and Rui as playable characters. The Publishers at SEGA have also put out trailers for the first post launch update.

Demon Slayer: the Hinokami Chronicles DLC Update #1

Update #1 will be released around this week, according to SEGA. The remaining four DLC characters are likely to be released on a monthly basis. A paid DLC pack is expected to arrive after the three free DLC updates.

There had also been some leaks in regards to the characteristics and skills of the playable demon characters. A twitter user named @KaizenM3 shared these leaks. Although the source’s trustworthiness has yet to be validated, these screenshots have so far shown to be very true to the trailer.


According to these images, these are the current conclusions regarding the DLC update:

  • Demon characters will always fight SOLO apart from Nezuko.
  • Instead of an assist gauge, demons have two bars (Demon gauge) that replace it. When the gauge is at least 50% filled, two separate actions can be done (by pressing L1). Therefore, demons have 5 skills in total – three normal skills, assist button and tilt assist button. This makes up for the lack of an assist character.
  • Use one of the two skills to fit the situation. The use depends on your control scheme.
  • To use the L1 button to perform “Emergency Escape”. 100 percent of the Demon gauge is used for this.
  • When a demon executes boost or surge, they will heal some HP over time. This also Excludes Nezuko. Healing will be disrupted if you are hit, guard, or execute quick step.

As additional data about the demon characters and their abilities become available in further updates, their utility and abilities will be determined.


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