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Does Jurassic World Evolution 2 feature dinosaurs breeding?

Jurassic World has always been a big name in the Hollywood movie industry, but no one knew even the game would break so many bones! Frontier Development tried on a something, and that something went on to become a big thing in the gaming industry. Here I’m talking about the Jurassic Park game series.

The first instalment, Jurassic Park: Evolution went on floors along with the recent film of the series, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom in 2018, and it did cause a big blast in the industry. The game received a lot of positive responses from the players all over the world, and was kind of an instant hit. After all, players loved designing their own dino park! Jurassic World: Evolution came as a park simulation game, where players could design their own Jurassic theme park, breed new dinosaurs, design their personalised dinosaurs viewing areas while making sure that the predators don’t make a meal of the visitors!
But like all other games, it also came with its own faults (well, not too big of them!). The game missed some features which the players wanted to make the game more realistic and interesting. And here, we’ll be discussing about, perhaps the biggest of the faults.

Breeding Features of Dinosaurs – Necessary?

This feature was something that the first instalment was missing – the breeding of dinosaurs. You can’t deny the fact that having this feature in the game would surely make it a hell lot more interesting, as the players can design and develop their own dinosaurs as per their wish, may be a hybrid of the T-Rex and the Argentinosaurus? Right? Eh!

Whatever may the hybrids or theories be, but it was obvious that the players wanted to have that breeding and ontogeny feature to be included in the game, and since it was not present in the first part, they wished it to be present in the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Evolution 2. But, but, but! Here’s the fact. A Twitter user by the name Godzilla’s Messiah (nice name, huh!) asked about including the baby dinosaurs feature in the game, and the official Twitter account of the game replied by saying that it wasn’t going to happen anytime around!

Yep, that’s true. Players are not going to get the breeding and ontogeny feature in the second instalment as well. Sad news though! This feature is happening in another prehistoric game called Prehistoric Kingdom, and another frontier game called Planet Zoo, but not, and perhaps never going to happen in this part.

Jurassic World: Evolution 2 was highly anticipated to have everything that the players wanted from the first version. But it looks like the biggest thing the players wanted is not going to happen! The developers have clearly mentioned that the game is not going to feature any breeding or juvenile features, and players have to rely on the old options for bringing in new dinosaurs to their parks.

So, what is the option now? Well, it is clear! The Evolution allowed the players to bring in new dinosaurs through bioengineering, where players could customize their dinos with different colors and patterns, and alter with their genomes as well. While this feature has been included in the version 2, it also features another technique!

Evolution 2 is going to give players the abilities to rescue dinosaurs from everywhere they can through the rescue mechanism (something like Claire’s Sanctuary, I guess?) and bring them over to their respective parks. But in no means are the Frontier Development going to introduce baby system and ontogeny system in the game.

Well, we can conclude by saying that players can surely have new dinosaurs in the Evolution 2 through rescuing and bioengineering, but won’t be getting to hybrid them or have babies or anything like that, as the chances appear to be negligible. So those who were dreaming of making their park look more lively and realistic with baby dinosaurs moving and hopping all around, better luck next time guys!


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