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Does PlateUp have controller support?

When it comes to playing casual indie games that don’t feature intense action gameplay, we all like to use a controller while relaxing a bit. However, not every casual indie title features controller support natively. PlateUp is a newly released casual roguelike management game that features the life of a restaurant owner whose aim is to turn the restaurant business into a franchise. However, things aren’t so easy to achieve as there are multiple hurdles on the way. Since the game is new, many players are interested to try it out but some are skeptical about the game’s control features. Players are wondering if the game has native support for controllers. Well, in this article, we will be sharing all the details regarding the same. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to build and run a restaurant from scratch, then you must try PlateUp. This game is the perfect combination of chaos and strategic planning which are required in running such a business. However, cooking isn’t the only thing you will do in this game. Here, you will have to choose the dishes that you will serve in your restaurant, buy and place appliances in your kitchen, upgrade equipment for better efficiency, and more. Once you are off to a good start, you will have to set long-term goals for developing your business into a franchise. If that is overwhelming for you, don’t worry as the game features a co-op mode where you along with your friends can join in on the business and divide the tasks accordingly. So, coming back to the main topic of this article, more details are shared below.


Does PlateUp have controller support?

Yes, PlateUp does have controller support. As per the official Steam Store page, the game has full support for controllers. This means that you can use any controllers like Dualshock, Dualsense, or even Xbox controllers to play the game. Third-party controllers will also work but we are yet to get a confirmation on that. So, now you can rest assured and experience the chaotic environment of running a restaurant business in PlateUp.

Well, this was everything about PlateUp Controller Support. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga for your daily dose of gaming news.


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