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Does Steam Family Share Feature Share DLC

Valve has been the industry darling since the release of Half-Life. The studio has some amazing IPs under it, namely – Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, and Dota. Although the company rarely makes games anymore, its latest one is a VR title called Half-Life: Alyx which was released in 2020 to wide critical appreciation. Infamous for not knowing how to count to three due to never releasing a third game in any of their series, Valve is now known for another thing – Steam.

There is an abundance of game stores in the current modern gaming market. But only one of them absolutely dominates the others and it is Valve’s Steam. The storefront has been the go-to place for gamers worldwide to buy their favorite games. But only this doesn’t make it so great for users. After all, you can easily do that with every other store out there. Steam offers workshops, community discussions, and best of all, those exciting sales. One major feature of Steam has been its Family Share feature. This one allows users to access and play games included in a friend’s or family’s Steam Library. Provided they grant you access in the first place. Now you must be wondering if you can share your games for others to play, but can you also share DLC? Well, let’s see and find out!!

Does Steam Family Share Feature Share DLC

Does Steam Family Share Feature Share DLC

Yes, you can share DLC using Steam Family Share. But there’s a caveat to it. For a user to play a game with DLCs via Family Share they must not have the base game installed on their own device. If in any case the guest has the base game already, be prepared to be disappointed. For example: If Player A who is sharing his/her Steam Library has Hollow Knight with all DLC, he/she can play the game. However, in case Guest B, the one who was given access to the library, has purchased the game beforehand then it’s a no-go for them to play Hollow Knight with DLCs. If Guest B doesn’t have the base game there’s no one stopping them from playing the full game to their heart’s content via Steam Family Share.

We hope that this article has helped you in knowing about DLC sharing using Steam Family Share. If you want to know how to log out of Steam on GeForce Now, check out this article. Also, don’t forget to bookmark and follow us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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