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Does Train Sim World 3 have multiplayer support

Almost every new title that gets released in today’s era features some sort of online mode to cater to the evergrowing gaming community that like multiplayer modes over singleplayer. However, the same cannot be said for Train Sim World 3 as the game solely provides a singleplayer experience. Well, fans of the game took to various forums and shared their disregard for the title being a singleplayer experience. But, there have been claims made by devs that could shed light on the situation. So, is multiplayer support available in Train Sim World 3? If not, then is there a chance of getting a multiplayer mode in the game? Consider reading this article to know everything regarding the same.

Being the latest entry to the Train Sim World series, fans expected much more content and new features in Train Sim World 3. One of the most sought-after features that many fans wanted is the support for multiplayer gameplay, which the previous titles in the series lacked. However, the game didn’t receive a multiplayer mode, thereby upsetting a lot of players. Well, the devs did respond to the fan’s queries and shared essential information. Continue reading to know.


Does Train Sim World 3 have multiplayer support?

Well, the straight-up answer to this is No, Train Sim World 3 doesn’t support a multiplayer mode and it probably won’t ever. One of the devs at Dovetail Games shared the following statement-

“Really close. Each time that DTG makes a survey about the features player want, multiplayer comes out top. Every time. That’s why, in the last one I ran I didn’t include it as it was a foregone conclusion. VR finishes bottom – but that’s purely because the people most likely to vote for it as anything other than bottom will own a VR headset already.
We’d very much like to include multiplayer in TSW, and have had a development team exploring the idea for a significant length of time but it doesn’t work. The number of core features (including physics elements) that have to be disabled to make it function render it not worth playing. As such, multiplayer is never likely to appear in TSW. The fact is that to make a multiplayer game of any kind viable it should be built as a multiplayer game with the single player experience effectively one-player multiplayer. That said, split-screen or local co-op isn’t the same proposition, but it’s not something we’re working on.”

From this, it is quite clear that Train Sim World 3 will not be featuring a multiplayer mode due to various conflicts with the in-game features. However, the dev has hinted that a split-screen/local co-op mode can be implemented in the game but there are currently no plans for the same. Anyways, if we get official information about the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in Train Sim World 3, we will update this article accordingly at the earliest. Till then, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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