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EA app not working: Fixes & Workarounds

Similar to the Steam client application that lets you access a plethora of new games, EA also provides its own services including Origin and EA App. There are players who actually use the EA Desktop app to access EA titles. However, many have reported that the application is not working. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on how to fix the EA app not working issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

EA App is EA’s new desktop platform for allowing players to get access to a ton of games. Currently, the app is in open BETA and EA is taking feedback from EA fans to improve the application for a full release. Since it is in beta, there are tons of glitches and bugs in the app that ruin the experience of players. One such is the EA app not working issue where the application fails to launch on Windows 10 systems. Well, we have some potential workarounds that might be effective in fixing this issue for good. Continue reading to know more.


EA app not working: Fixes & Workarounds

There can be multiple reasons why the EA Desktop application is not working. So, consider following all the given workarounds to get the most favorable results.

1) Make sure Origin is not running

As stated by EA, both applications cannot be run simultaneously. So, if you have Origin running in the background, close it and then try launching the EA Desktop App.

2) Run as Administrator

Head to the Start menu and search for “EA”. The EA Desktop application will be in the search results. Right-click on it and then select the Run as Administrator option. Now, there is a high chance that the application is fixed.

3) Clear EA App Cache

Clearing the application cache can also fix this error for good. If you are able to launch the EA app, then head to the installation directory of the EA App. After this,  launch the App Recovery file with Administrative privilege. Here, you will find the Clear Cache option. Click on it.

4) Check for updates

If the EA app is outdated, then it might fail to function properly on your system. So, consider visiting the official EA app website and downloading the latest version of the application.

5) Reinstall EA App

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then all there is left to do is a reinstall of the EA app.

So, now you know everything about how to fix the EA app not working issue on your Windows 10 system. For more such guides, continue visiting Vabsaga.


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