Elden Ring Sellen's Wizarding Wizard

Elden Ring Sellen’s Wizarding Wizard

There are a lot of NPCs and side quests in Elden Ring, but for players who want to use magic, Sellen’s quest is a good solution. Sorceress Sellen can be found at the beginning of the game and is a disgraced member of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Working with her appreciates a number of spells and equipment specialized for magicians. Here’s how to complete the Sorceress Sellen quest.

Searching for the witch Sellen

First you come across Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins.
First you come across Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins.

You will first meet the Sorceress Sellen at Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave, an underground area. There he reluctantly sells you spells, but that’s all. You will have to advance to the Altus Plateau and Mount Gelmir to really begin its search.

The prehistoric wizard Azur is located outside Volcano Manor.
The prehistoric wizard Azur is located outside Volcano Manor.

Next you will need to find the Primeval Sorcerer Azur, located near Mount Gelmir, southwest of the Volcano Manor area. To get to this area, you will need to approach from the southwest, starting with the Altus Plateau and proceeding to the northwest. Eventually you will have to do a full counterclockwise round around Volcano Manor to get here, but if you use Torrent, it is not too time consuming. If you talk to Azur, he will give you the Comet Azur spell, one of the legendary spells and incantations in the game. Now return to Sellen. Keep talking to her to find out about her exile from the academy and she will eventually ask you for a joint trip. Accept her offer and she will ask you to find Master Lusat and give you Sellian Spellbreaker.

Lusat can be found inside Sellia Hideaway.
Lusat can be found inside Sellia Hideaway.

From here you need to travel to the northeastern part of Caelid. It is located above Sellia, a city of magic. In it you will find a small cemetery with a wizard, behind them is a hidden cave blocked by illusion. Go inside and find Lusat. Proceed to the cave until you find the part where you have to go through the giant crystals in order to proceed. The path looks like you should head left, but continue to the right until you find a small path with a magic barrier. Sellian Spellbreaker removes the barrier and inside you will find Lusat and gain Stars of Ruin, another spell. At the other end of this tunnel is a duel with the boss, but it’s not necessary for this task, so you can simply leave. Now go back to Sellen.

Sellen’s new body

Sellen's real body can be found in the ruins of Witchban.
Sellen’s real body can be found in the ruins of Witchban.

When you return to Sellen in the ruins of Waypoint, he will say that Azur and Lusat need proper funerals. Now you have to beat Radhan’s Starscourge in Caelid to continue. After being defeated, return to Waypoint Ruins and Sellen will tell you to find her real body. Her body can be found in the ruins of Witchban on the Weeping Peninsula. Inside, you’ll find Sellen strapped to a wall. There you will remove her Primal Glintstone from her body. Now you have to find a new body for her, which may be in the Three Sisters area of ​​northwest Liurnia.

Sellen's new body can be found under the ruins near Ranni's Rise, marked with a red circle.
Sellen’s new body can be found under the ruins near Ranni’s Rise, marked with a red circle.

Once there, you can find a set of ruins just before Ranni’s Rise, where there is an illusory wall blocking the stairs covering the underground. You will find a room full of bodies, head to the back of the room and behind another illusory wall you will find Sellen’s new body. Insert Primal Glintstone into a new body and Sellen comes to life.

Jerren, the witch hunter

Head north from Redmane Castle Plaza and find Jerren.
Head north from Redmane Castle Plaza and find Jerren.

Now you need to find another person relevant to Sellen’s quest, Jerren. You first met Jerren at Redman Castle while overseeing the “Festival,” where you fought Radhan. Now return here and you will find him sitting in a chair in the northernmost part of the castle. Talk to him and he will say that he is relieved of his duty and can leave Redman Castle. Next time you find him in Witchbane Ruins, looking at Sellen’s body. She will tell you that she is dangerous and is probably heading to the Raya Lucaria Academy.

It’s important to note that if you return to Redman Castle and talk to Jerren before continuing Sellen’s quest line, it may not appear in Witchban’s ruins.. If you can’t find him, he’s probably moved to the academy. From here, head to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace to meet Rennala. From there, go out and find two call signs outside the door, one gold and the other red. Gold will allow you to defend Sellen from Jerren, and the other will allow you to help Jerren kill Sellen.

Sellen’s help will reward you:

  • Eccentric armor set
  • Dagger Glintstone Kris
  • Shard Spiral sorcery (added to store)
  • Witch’s Glintstone Crown

Killing Sellen grants you:

  • Runic arch
  • An upright finger cure
  • Selena’s bell bearing
  • Witch’s Glintstone Crown
Helps Sellen defeat Jerrren.
Helps Sellen defeat Jerrren.

If you’re building magic, Glintstone Kris Dagger is a good item, so you should defend Sellen. After making your choice, you will have to fight and kill whoever you stood against. I decided to defend Sellen. After the fight, you find Sellen standing in the middle of the library where Rennala usually is, talk to her and she will tell you that the Academy will cover your back when you become Elden Lord. After resting in the place of grace, Rennala returns to the center of the room and Sellen moves to the side.

I’m not sure what exactly triggers it, but if you return after a while, Sellen will become a massive ball of Wizards who can barely speak. She will still sell you spells, and next to her you can find Witch’s Glintstone Crown, which you may recognize as the Burger King-style head she wore throughout the game.

The Witch's Glintstone Crown can be obtained after Sellen obtains it
The Witch’s Glintstone Crown can be obtained after Sellen acquires its “new look”.

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