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Elden Ring Steam Family Share: Is It Available

It all began at E3 2019. FromSoftware officially announced a new game called Elden Ring with Hidetaka Miyazaki serving as its director as usual. A Song of Ice and Fire writer, George R.R. Martin was also brought in to develop the worldbuilding for the story. Fans were excited. Critics were intrigued. And FromSoftware was ready. The studio had long been known for creating the Souls-like sub-genre of action games and with each new game, they had perfected that formula. Miyazaki and his team wanted to up the game with a title that would outclass its own previously released games. Thus Elden Ring was born.

For once, the hype around a game didn’t disappoint. The video game industry is infamous for studios overpromising stuff and then underdelivering on launch. We have seen this with Fallout 76, Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2042, No Man’s Sky, Biomutant, and many others. This list would probably keep on going if we started naming every title. And so when Elden Ring was released in February of 2022, it was nice to see a studio not deceiving its fanbase. Granted there were some bugs with the PC version of the game but FromSoftware was able to patch it in a fair amount of time. Elden Ring was different from the studio’s previous games. It featured a massive open world along with improved combat for the mainstream audience. The narrative was much better than Dark Souls or Sekiro, and as good as Bloodborne’s. It was simply a masterpiece from Miyazaki. No debates there. And as the game is already available on Steam, you guys might be wondering if you can play it using Steam Family Share. Well, let’s find out!!

Elden Ring Steam Family Share: Is It Available

Elden Ring Steam Family Share: Is It Available

Steam Family Share doesn’t come included with every game. Some developers don’t allow this feature to stop possible exploits while some have other reasons. However, most games do allow users to share the title using Steam Family Share. In the case of Elden Ring, you would be happy to know that Steam Family Share is available for it, but it is region locked as per the player’s reports. This means that both the lender and the guest account have to be listed in the same region to be able to enjoy the game via this feature. Anyways, just remember to have an active internet connection and the no-simultaneous play rule.

We hope that this guide has helped you in knowing about Steam Family Share availability for Elden Ring. On this note, don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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