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Escape from Tarkov Error 104006 : How to fix it

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooting game that was launched in 2016. With almost 200k concurrent players according to reports, it is surely quite popular also. But lately, there has been an error affecting the normal gameplay of the players, Error 104006.

About the game

So basically Escape from Tarkov is an FPS multiplayer game. The game took a long 5 years to develop since starting in 2012 and was released back in 2016 as in alpha stage to select players. Then it was officially released in 2017 for windows and then followed by a closed beta-testing running since July 2017 to this day.

So the main idea of the gameplay is that in the Norvinsk region, there is a war taking place between two parties named “BEAR” and “USEC”. When the game starts players are loaded into a surrealistic map with other players in matches called Raids.

Tarkov is punishing, but there’s a lot of fun to be found in mastering its complexities and slowly becoming a hardened mercenary.

What is Error 104006

Players have reported that when they launch the game or when they install the game the Error code 104006 is displayed. The cause of the Error is still unclear and there is no official fix or update as of now.

But here are some simple fixes that you can try and maybe help you work around the Error.

How to fix it

Here are some of the most effective ways by which you may be able to fix the error code.

  • Uninstall the Game launcher.
  • Next, install the launcher and game again.
  • You may try restarting and refreshing your computer which may resolve any bugs if any.
  • Update the game drivers.
  • Keep your “Integrity checks” open
  • Clear cache and temp folders
  • If you are playing on a nonsupportive OS then try using the game on the compatible one.

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