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Eternights Characters list & more details

Yet another dating simulation is scheduled for a release in the upcoming year, 2023. Well, this time it is Studio Sai’s newest title, Eternights. Since it is a new dating sim game, many are interested to know the featured characters in the game. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on Eternights Characters list. Here’s everything you need to know.

As with any other dating sim title, your main objective in the game is to find love alongside saving the world from humans that have been converted into monsters. You are tasked to find the cure for this apocalyptic world and save yourself and also your loved ones. However, things aren’t going to be easy. There are multiple areas that the player needs to check each day and has to fulfill before the deadline. Scavenging, dungeon crawling, and dating are your primary objectives and you have to be very efficient. There are plenty of characters in the game that you can date and your decision to date a particular character will initiate a 2D cutscene as well. Anyways, talking about characters, continue reading to know about all the characters in Eternights.


Eternights Characters list & more details

There are a total of 8 characters in the game. Details about these characters are shared below.

1) Protagonist– This will be the character that the players will control.

2) Yuna– She is a naive yet kind person who is always ready to help those in need. She also has a history of making things worse as she tries to help others.

3) Min– Min is a shy girl who is a bit underconfident. Her anxiety and low self-esteem often become hurdles but she can overcome them to get the desired results.

4) Sia– Sia loves science and sees the whole universe in a different way. She is a genius but there are caveats.

5) Yohan– A character that shares everything with someone under the right circumstances is none other than Yohan. Well, we aren’t quite sure if he can be trusted with secrets.

6) Chani– Being energetic and fun are the two main traits of Chani. His ideas are generally not good but they seem to work for the most part.

7)  Yuria- She can be very dangerous. Yuria is smart and can even kill to get what she desperately wants.

8) Aria– Aria is a team player who likes to work under strict rules. She can be friendly but you don’t want to see her rebel side.

Well, these are all the characters currently announced by the devs at Studio Sai for Eternights. We hope this article was informative. For more, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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