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F1 2021 game patch 1.13 update adds Jeddah to the game

Codemasters never tend to disappoint when it comes to including new content in their state-of-the-art formula 1 racing game called F1 2021. The visually gorgeous sports game is one of the most played racing games and has a dedicated fanbase of its own. The controls, graphics, and level of realism is impeccable and feel amazing to play. The devs have released a new 1.13 patch that introduces brand new content to the game, quality of life improvements, stability, and addresses some of the bugs that made the game unplayable. The game adds a new Jeddah Corniche circuit into the game, liveries, and handy features that made the driving more smooth and lifelike. Here’s the complete list of everything patch 1.13 adds into F1 2021 and a complete log of patch notes. The patch is globally released on all platforms and is available to download.

The devs went the extra mile to release a game that features every traditional circuit that would’ve normally appeared in the F1 calendar. They also implemented other circuits in the game such as Portimao in the game and made notable changes in the Jeddah circuit with major updates to F1 2021.

F1 2021 update 1.13 patch

F1 2021 update 1.13 Patch Notes

New content

  • Balanced performance has been added to Grand Prix mode using F1 2021 cars
  • Jeddah circuit has been featured in the game
  • Included an option to disable or enable Pit Lane Tyres simulation so cars that box near the pit lanes are not affected by colder tires as they exit the pit lane.
  • Included the option to disable drier moves in career mode
  • 2021 Red Bull has been rolled back to its traditional livery with a newer look to closely match the real season.


  • Host spectators will correctly look at the race start lights go out at the same time as racers.
  • Players that are thrown out of the session due to the timer running out will no longer be banned from the session.

F1 2021 update 1.13 patch


  • Minor bug fixes
  • General stability improvements
  • Patched an issue where the “Advance” button could disappear from a career save
  • Fixed an issue where users can go out of the world in photo mode on Imola.
  • Victory VO can now correctly be seen within the item score
  • R&D progress history screen looks correct with the higher number of available tracks
  • DRS white line has been corrected on Imola to match the activation point
  • Fanatec CSL DL pedals now have accurate throttle and brake thresholds.

These are the current features that come with the 1.13 update. We’ll keep you informed on any news about F1 2021.



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