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Far Cry 6 play together button greyed out & can’t start Special Operation issue: How to fix it?

For the past three weeks, Far Cry 6 has presented players with a vibrant open world brimming with unforgettable characters. However, several problems have been discovered in the game. This has rendered several functionalities inaccessible at times. Ubisoft will shortly release a patch to address these issues, which should hopefully resolve the bugs.

It appears to be a common occurrence for triple-A games to frequently. Given the fact that Far Cry 6 is a massive, adventurous open world, it is understandable that there would be some bugs in the initial release. In some cases, players have reported that their Libertad Custom RPD went missing after purchase from Lola. This is a problem that Ubisoft appears to be aware of, since it has notified certain players that they will receive the item within 24 hours. There have also been problems with the PC Controller Configurations within the game that have had to be resolved in an indirect manner.

FC6 RPD missing bug
FC6 RPD missing bug

Far Cry 6 issued and implemented a maintenance patch a few days ago, which should have corrected some of the bugs addressed. However, the patch caused even more issues for some players where the screen goes black or crashes on launch. The Game has officially addressed this bug over Twitter and is currently working to identify its source.

Solution for Special operation issue in Far Cry 6:

While there might also be other issues that players may face, they may not entirely be bugs but rather some issues with the UI accessibility. For instance, while starting a Special Operation in Co-op mode, the button may seem greyed out or unresponsive. This is due to the game disconnecting when beginning the Special Operation.

FC6 Special Op Unresponsive
FC6 Special Op Unresponsive

To resolve this issue, all you have to do is exit and restart the game while making sure your connection is stable. Code Bookworm, Snowshoe, Aoraki, Trapper, Alberta, etc. are the names of some network errors that persist. Most of these connectivity errors may be handled using the approach described above.

Far Cry 6 had also announced its upcoming DLCs where players can play as the villains from the previous instalments of the Far Cry Franchise. Special Operations linked to the villains  – Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed will be included in the DLC. However, many remain skeptical in regards to actually purchasing these DLCs until any or all bugs are patched.


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