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Farming Simulator 22 Force Feedback not working properly: Is there any fix yet

Farming Simulator 22 takes many good elements from various simulation games and adds a unique flair of its own when it comes to building your own dream farm. The game also prioritizes more on expanding to other areas like Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal Husbandry. Offering various farming tools and machinery that’ll let you grow many crops like Potatoes, wheat, corn, and other types of crops. Although many people enjoyed what Farming Simulator 22 offered, the game also came out in a poor state as the lack of optimizations and game-breaking bugs made many fans complain about it. Issues range from in-game bugs, inability to bind certain keys to your liking, and certain contracts are broken and stopping players from progressing any further.

Some have raised a complaint on how their steering wheel’s force feedback is not giving any vibration when driving a tractor, ruining the gameplay. Is there a fix released to address the issue? Read on more about the game and the possible fix.

Farming Simulator 22 Force Feedback not working properly

Force Feedback not working in Farming Simulator 22

After the launch of the game, many players noticed that the Force Feedback feature of their steering wheel wasn’t responding as it should. There’s also an issue with driving like when accelerating the tractor, steering got harder and after releasing the gas, the steering controls went back to usual. This is caused in many steering wheel models like Logitech G29 or similar models and Force Feedback which accurately simulates the driving of the vehicle, not working in the game has left many fans disappointed. After a thorough investigation, we found a possible fix that’ll get Force Feedback operation in Farming Simulator 22. Follow the necessary steps to fix the force feedback.

  • Head to Options menu in Farming Simulator 22
  • Under the general settings, you’ll see a “Force Feedback” option.
  • Turn the Force Feedback option all the way to “off”.
  • Go back into the game and try to see if the Force Feedback issue is fixed and is working normally.

Farming Simulator 22 Harvest Contracts not completing bug

As the game is in a buggy state, the Force Feedback option in the settings menu might be the cause of Force Feedback not registering properly into your racing wheel. Hopefully, the steps above fixed the issue and if not, you’ll have to wait until the developers release an official patch that’ll fix the bug that’s causing the issue in several other racing wheel models.  There’s also a temporary solution to the force feedback issue that can be fixed by doing a full restart of the system or unplugging all of the other controllers.





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