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Farming Simulator 22 Harvest Contracts not completing bug: Is there any fix yet

The hit simulation game Farming Simulator 22 has been out for some time and has managed to woo players by delivering creative gameplay by making the best use of tools and machinery to create your own farm. The previous iterations of games were also well made and the latest series doesn’t falter in any of the aspects. While the game was praised for its gorgeous graphics and additional content it offered to fans, the game is also filled with game-breaking bugs that won’t let you progress on certain missions and objectives that are required to progress and level up in the game. Bugs like D-Pad not working, no lease prices, and the latest harvest contracts bug that freezes midway when they finish harvesting the crops, hence it prevents the progress of the game. In this article, we’ll list several workarounds that’ll let you bypass the Harvest Contracts bug and finish the game.

Farming Simulator 22 Harvest Contracts not completing bug

What is the Harvest Contracts bug in Farming Simulator 22?

In the middle of the gameplay, the game sometimes fails to reproduce enough grain to complete the contract and some players have reported that they got to 84 and 85% on specific fields like oat and wheat field. Apparently, this game-breaking bug severely impedes your progress and has no way of getting through, which many players are hoping the devs fix in their latest update. Contracts in Farming Simulator 22 have been broken and not just harvest one, but multiple contracts as well.

Is there a fix for the bug?

Several players of Farming Simulator 22 experimented for countless hours in the game to figure out what’s triggers it and how it can be bypassed. You can also try to plow, fertilize, and remove the weeds and try the contract again as these are mandatory and will not be able to complete the contract without them. Sadly there’s no way to bypass the harvest contract bug as of now. You have to most likely wait for an official update for Farming Simulator 22 that addresses the broken contracts and patch it all together as contracts are required to earn cash and acquire some experience in order to start your own farm and prosper in the field. It is safe to assume that the developers of the game have noticed the bug that is causing stability issues and not letting players progress any further. The previous FS games also had this issue and they were fixed, so we’re hoping Farming Simulator 22 will get the same treatment.

Farming Simulator 22 Harvest Contracts not completing bug


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