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Farming Simulator (FS) 22: Where to sell logs?

In addition to everyday farming and livestock breeding, you may also work as a forester in the new farming simulator 22. The player has access to all necessary trucks and gadgets for maintenance, which is required not only for tree cutting but also for subsequent transportation, just like in the previous installments. Once players have obtained the means to acquire wood using machines and start transporting them, they will need to get to a certain place to be able to do so. Many who are new might not be aware of the exact location where Logs or wood can be sold.

Players can  cut trees, which can be sold as woodchips, firewood, or a few meter parts. Before we go into selling wood/logs, we must first understand what type of wood may seem more valuable. In the game, you can cut down as many trees as you like, which is a large amount. However, not every tree will be suitable for sale as some may be unattractive because of their shapes. Irregular shaped one can be wood chipped or used as firewood, while straight long trees can be sold in long cut pieces for a higher price.

farm sim 22 wood chipping
farm sim 22 wood chipping

How to sell wood in Farming Simulator 22?

This can easily be done by either delivering it to the Sawmill, Carpentry Shop or Biogas plant. You may bring the logs to the sawmill and have them processed into boards and wood chips once they’ve been delivered. In the same way, Carpentry shop too helps make furniture which can then be sold. You can sell it off directly at the biogas plant as well. It has a larger drop off point.

The sawmill has no conventional sell points. To find a sawmill, go to the main map and click on icons until you discover one. One should be present on almost every map. Sawmills are usually positioned in regions that are larger than the other establishments.

There may be even bigger and more improved ways for selling wood in the later patches. We would have to wait for the developers to first work on fixing the minute bugs in the game before we expect any major change in the content. There may be some mods made specifically for this cause and until then, we might have to rely on these conventional methods of selling wood even if it may feel inconvenient compared to the older installments.


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