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FIFA 23 Steam Family Share: Is It Available

The sports genre witnessed the end of an era in 2022 as the FIFA saga came to an end with the launch of FIFA 23. It was an impressive twenty-nine years partnership EA had. In all those years, fans saw some of the most well-made football games produced by EA Sports. But they played quite a lot of bad ones too. No matter what, it will be exciting to see what EA will do now as it has already announced plans to publish future games under the title – EA Sports FC. FIFA fans on the other hand will have to wait as we still don’t know what the organization will do or who it will choose.

EA did a pretty impressive job bidding goodbye to their last FIFA game. FIFA 23 launched on September 30 of 2022 on every platform including Nintendo and now shut down, Google Stadia. Same as FIFA 22, Kylian Mbappe makes his return as the cover athlete for the standard edition. Currently, FIFA 23 is considered the pioneer of the FIFA video game series. And with the game being available on Steam, some have been wondering about its Steam Family Share compatibility.

FIFA 23 Steam Family Share: Is It Available

Steam Family Share is a feature that Valve offers in its storefront for its consumers. It allows users to share their Steam Library with their friends and family. You do need to have an active internet connection and the lender’s authorization to access the library. Also, you can’t do simultaneous play. One more thing you should remember is that only up to five guests can share a Steam Library.

FIFA 23 Steam Family Share: Is It Available

Unfortunately, you can’t play FIFA 23 using Steam Family Share. This is due to the fact that an EA game needs you to have an Origin/EA account connected to access and play. And, Steam doesn’t allow titles that require third-party accounts to play them through its family share feature.

We hope that this article has helped you in knowing about using Steam Family Share to play FIFA 23. If you want to see FIFA 23 offline play availability, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark and follow us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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